[BTS] Brett Warren Shoots "The Ugly Duckling"

Brett Warren is a photographer based out of Nashville, TN who studied under Annie Leibovitz. You can definitely see the Leibovitz influence in his finished work and in how he lights his subjects. For most of his work he uses a single light source balanced with natural light, which is very similar to some of the behind the scenes videos and images we've seen from Annie Leibovitz herself.

In addition to his amazing photography, Brett also designs almost all of the clothing used in his shoots. He's definitely a talented guy. Check out more of his work at his website HERE.




From Nick:

Hey guys, I’m brand new to the FStoppers team and I’d love to hear from you, stop by my Facebook page or check out my website, www.CharlestonsWeddingPhotograper.com.

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R. J. Kern's picture

Well executed video! Looks like a great a culmination of creative efforts!

I quite enjoyed that.
(anyone recognise the music?)

Pretty cool look.  Even has the Leibovitz vibe to it.  Nice skill also being able to design your own clothes for the shoots.

Randy Richards's picture

Really love this video and his work.

Sissy Stough's picture

Really enjoyed the video! I'll have to check out his site to see the finished photos, at least I hope their available to see there!