SmugMug Films: Explore Slovenian Splendor With Karen Hutton

There are several reasons why I am an unabashedly massive fan of SmugMug Films, the docu-series produced by the eponymous SmugMug.

First, it's rare to see a for-profit company consistently put out so many inspirational and thoughtful videos about the creative pursuit of photographers as passionately as SmugMug. Even more to the point, if you were to simply watch the videos on their own, you'd never come across a plug or sales pitch to subscribe to SmugMug's premium service. In fact, aside from the bumper at the end of the videos, you could go through an entire clip without knowing what SmugMug is or what they sell. To quote, "SmugMug Films is a celebration of the photographers who inspire and amaze us." You have to respect that.

Image Credit: Karen Hutton

Another reason why I enjoy this series so much is the variety of photographers chosen, many of whom are good friends and outstanding photographers, such as Renee Robyn, Elia Locardi, and, most recently, Karen Hutton. When I learned of Hutton's inclusion, I couldn't help but smile.

I first met Hutton during the wild, wild west days of Google+. As is typically the case when joining a new social network, my first goal was to seek out talented and interesting photographers to engage with. As you could imagine, Hutton was one of the first people who fit the bill. As my friendship with Hutton grew, I learned that she is positively delightful to be around. You automatically become happier when you spend time with her. The other thing I learned is that Hutton has a photography style that is indubitably her own. It is a reflection of her approach to life, fully embracing her self-proclaimed title, "Purveyor of Awesomeness."

Image Credit: Karen Hutton

So take a few minutes to enjoy this wonderful video of breathtaking Slovenia and see how Hutton interprets it with her camera. And when you're done, be sure to catch up on the rest of the SmugMug Films catalog.

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Brian Matiash is a Portland, OR based professional photographer, published author, and host of the No Name Photo Show podcast. He is also an ambassador for Zeiss, G-Technology, Shimoda, and Wine Country Camera. Brian contributes regularly to a variety of photography publications, both online and in print.

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A little repetitive in spots but amazing story and imagery. Visited Slovenia...for a girl way back. Time for another visit I think!

Inspiring and nice. Love it :)