Hasselblad Explains Why There Are No Video Features in The X2D 100c Camera

Hasselblad recently released its highly anticipated 100-megapixel camera, the X2D 100c. The new camera boasts significant upgrades to the autofocus system, colors, and dynamic range. However, during the announcement, there was no mention of video features. In a recent interview, Hasselblad explains why there are no video features in the new X2D camera. 

Hasselblad was the first company to produce a mirrorless medium format camera. The original X1D 50c camera was released back in 2016 and managed to turn a lot of heads with its unique and compact design. The X1D 50c also had the ability to shoot video at 1080p 24p.

This was an interesting feature because it allowed you to shoot video using the full width of the medium format sensor. With the larger sensor, the video results were relatively unique compared to many other offerings on the market. Hasselblad increased the video resolution when it released the X1D II 50c camera. However, with the latest camera, Hasselblad opted to remove virtually all video features in the X2D 100c camera. 

Despite the improvements to autofocus, which could have potentially made the X2D 100c viable for many kinds of productions, the only video features included in the new camera are the ability to shoot time-lapses. Hasselblad explains that the reason they decided on removing video features was purely due to a lack of demand. 

In some polls conducted by Hasselblad, it found that its customer base was more interested in better stills capabilities. Therefore, the team at Hasselblad decided on ensuring they delivered the best stills camera it could without drifting towards any video features. 

Some have argued that implementing reasonable video features in the X2D 100c may have been difficult due to the compact design of the camera body. And the design of the camera is one of the major features of XCD mount cameras. 

Do you think Hasselblad did the right thing by dropping video features in its latest camera? 

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Perhaps the problem is to have video in all other cameras, because you have also a low pass filter for the video that is not the best for the still photos. Example: Nikon D800E get sharper images than Nikon D800.

I think it's more likely it has to do with overheating, and they didn't want to go through the hassle of building in enough cooling (also making it larger) if they didn't have to.

Made me happy to know that the new camera has no video features. If you want to shoot video buy a video camera

Thank you. You buy a medium format stills camera for STILLS. A Medium format shooter is like a pure video shooter. Both are looking at one specific job from the camera