Testing Out the New Hasselblad XH Converter 0.8 on the Hasselblad X1D II 50c Medium Format

The recently launched XH Converter 0.8 reveals more opportunities for photographers when using H System lenses. Take a look at this hands-on review and first impressions of this adapter.

In late 2020, Hasselblad announced the XH Converter 0.8, which enables photographers to use H System lenses on Hasselblad's mirrorless X System or 907X camera. It does so by doing the opposite of a teleconverter and reducing the focal length of the lens by a 0.8x factor, thus creating a wider field of view and also increasing the maximum aperture you can use on the adapted lens by two thirds of a stop. Hasselblad also claims that this converter improves how the lens performs in regards to contrast and sharpness throughout the frame. 

In this video, Usman Dawood from Sonder Creative tests out the performance of the adapter by comparing the outcome of using the Hasselblad XCD 80mm f/1.9 lens against the older Hasselblad HC 100mm f/2.2 lens because the latter, with the use of the converter, will now have an f/1.8 aperture and 80mm focal length. With the conversion, it becomes easier to judge the two lenses against one another. 

Take a look at the video to see the comparison between the two lenses in terms of their physical design in conjunction with the attached adapter and also their performance, especially in a harsher, backlit scenario outdoors as well as a more controlled environment indoors. If you want to read more about the full technical information, compatibility, and firmware requirements of using this converter, you can take a look at the Hasselblad press release. The converter currently retails for $949 and is available on Hasselblad website.

Lead image used with the permission of Usman Dawood.

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Anete Lusina is a photographer based in West Yorkshire, UK. You'll either find her shooting weddings, documentary, or street photography across the U.K. and Europe, or perhaps doing the occasional conceptual shoot.

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Interesting idea to compare the two lenses...not sure how my H lenses would preform on the X1d with any convertor but ONE thing is for sure MY copy of the Hc 100mm 2.2 is bitingly sharp its too sharp for portraits of anyone older than 20. Im shooting on a camera stand or tripod of course using a H6D 100c is not the camera for handheld shooting.

Similarly X1D shot wide open handheld under 1/500sec might be a bit of a stretch. Im curious to try out the new H lenses but I really can't get past the X1Dii being a inferior performer from all the reviewers I watched. AF is not what you buy an H camera for but even in great light the X1Dii still under performs.

As most know H company was due for HC lens refreshments a while ago not just faster leaf shutters but better performing lenses. The past CEO's ruined the company it went into critical survival mode they pulled the X1d off with all it bugs, shit canned it and released the X1Dii with the backing of H company current owners DJI whom must of operated the existing H structure by shipping only pre sold orders. Hence the extremely slow delivery of the X1d bodies and lenses.

One would think it was genius to release the 907x 50c still not a hand held solution but it engages existing customers. Oh by the way they dropped the H6D and any HxD future efforts so I hope they make it in the years to come G-D knows the investors consistanly rapped the company, assuringly because the engineers were trying to run the business...oy vey.

I reckon that the image suffers from the optics of the adapter, as this is always the case more or less. Also, the 100mm is not designed for converters. We see with Canon or Nikon that they design lenses that work well on converters, but others do not. And those suffer from the same degradations as the 100mm of the video (flares, loss of sharpness, loss of contrast, chromatic aberrations).
I liked the video, although I will probably never own one of these systems.