New iPhone Rumoured to Contain New Camera Module Including Three Lenses

Following recent reports that Apple is planning to add next-gen 3D sensors into its devices later this year, new rumors and leaked images hint the tech giant will increase the size of the camera module to accommodate three rear cameras.

As per Digit, Apple is planning to “use a triple-camera setup housed in a square camera unit with a rather large camera bump.” In a move sure to hype up Apple’s core fans, usually-accurate OnLeaks has mocked up a number of 5K renders to simulate what the finished product could end up looking like.

The new model is estimated to be announced around September 2019, keeping in line with the company’s annual reveal.

Digit writes:

The leaked renders reveal a square camera unit housing three cameras aligned non-linearly. There are two cameras aligned vertically, similar to the iPhone XS. The render reveals there will be a third camera placed between the two, on the side. Above that is an LED flash and a microphone on the bottom.

Word is that Apple may release three new models this year, but as yet there’s no clarity as to how many could feature this camera setup. Digit hints the three-camera model will be at the higher end of the cost spectrum. Could the third camera be for usage with 3D images? We’ll have to wait and see.

Image courtesy @OnLeaks.

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John Dawson's picture

All for the bargain price of $1200. :-)

Walter Tinsley's picture

More than that I’ll wager. Apple’s solution to declining sales - raise the price and you don’t have to sell as many. And yes I have a lot of Apple products. Pained me to have to buy an XR but my 5 was just worn out.

Motti Bembaron's picture

That's why I committed to the Android OS and never looked back.

Carl Murray's picture

or upwards of $2400 in Australia.

Michael Kormos's picture

"I hardly ever use the camera on the iPhone,"

Yeah, well, unlike you, everyone else on Earth does.

Studio 403's picture

BOOO!, All these extra gadgets owner will have to ditch their add on stuff. Way to go apple , make us all mad

Nate Reese's picture

While the best smartphone camera stlil needs only one lens ;)