This On-Site Wedding Highlight Video Was Shot Entirely on Smartphones and Kase Mobile Lenses

This On-Site Wedding Highlight Video Was Shot Entirely on Smartphones and Kase Mobile Lenses

A wedding video team from the Philippines called Wishing Well Films released a wedding highlight video produced entirely using smartphone cameras and various Kase mobile lenses. Though the wedding was documented using mirrorless cameras by the team, they threw in the free wedding highlight video shot entirely on smartphones.  

The project was a part of a promo by the distributor of Kase lenses in the Philippines in partnership with Wishing Well Films, wherein couples to be wed in the month of June of 2019 posted photos of themselves on social media along with summaries of their love stories. The winning couple, Neil and Katarina, got the free on-site wedding video. 

Kase lenses are clip on lenses for smartphone cameras that come in varying focal lengths such as ultra-wide angle, 65mm telephoto, 135mm telephoto, and 300mm super-telephoto. Kase also makes custom-made smartphone cases for select smartphone models from Apple, Samsung, and Huawei to be able to screw on the lenses to the case instead of using a clip on the camera. The smartphone lenses were made to be able to take photos and videos at various focal lengths without losing resolution from digital zoom. 

Whether mobile phones should be used professionally by photographers and filmmakers is without a doubt another unending debate, but the video proves that with skilled hands, the smartphone camera can be an effective tool. 

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Nicco Valenzuela is a photographer from Quezon City, Philippines. Nicco shoots skyscrapers and cityscapes professionally as an architectural photographer and Landscape and travel photographs as a hobby.

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Not a match to interchangeable-lens large-sensor cameras on overall look, dynamic range or DOF, but impressive! Goes to show that composition/shot concept is more important than anything else. Maybe now is a good time to slow down expensive camera and lens purchases?

What smartphone/s? When it's involved Apple it's in the title and a hundred times in the text ;-)

M4/3 would have looked a lot better...even though they have too much DOF

Even 1" would've. The whole "Shot on Smartphone" thing is there so the creator doesn't get blasted for the poor recording quality. It's obvious it was shot on a smartphone every time. Either that, or the person shooting/editing destroyed perfectly good larger sensor footage.

So next time you feel this way, please don't comment.

Next up: "This On-Site Wedding Was Shot Entirely with the tin-type process using a 175-year-old wood lens"

Creativity, at its poorest, always strikes me that it should induce an emotional response.
At its richest, tell a story.
This little video reel did both, and therefore as far as my subjective opinion goes, is a winner.
What a lovely memory to have - and frankly, does much else truly matter beyond that for this couple and their friends?...
Thanks for the article.

About sixty bucks. Loosen up that wallet and you can get a Canon PowerShot for about one twenty. Why screw around with garbage like your cell phone and some add-on lens?

This is an ad. They gave the shoot away for free to the couple and made a point of crediting the lens manufacturer. I'm guessing they were paid by the company to produce this.