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How Camera Angle Affects the Body Shape

Jay P. Morgan takes us out to the Bonneville Salt flats in Utah to teach us how camera angle affects body shape. Shooting with a 50mm and 24mm lens, Jay takes us through various heights and shows us the outcome from each level.

Another good lesson to learn from this video is the Salt Flats are under water in March. You can see in the video the water is around 6 to 8 inches deep and Jay's crew is working in rain boots.

Camera Angle


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Jerrit Pruyn is a professional wedding photographer based in NYC. His work and articles have been featured on Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, and Daily Mail.

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Are you serious? I mean, everyone knows that! At least should! It's like creating a tutorial for 'how to switch your camera on and off'.

Every professional should, perhaps. But the internet is full of photos (on, otherwise, "professional" websites) that prove this video is needed.

Agree. I am shocked at how stupid this article is. Fstoppers is going down the toilet.

how do you do that? help me with endorsments...

I like the parte when they burn the canon

Spelling Error in the first line. Salt not Slat.

Also "in" not "im" in the last sentence. I see they corrected "slat."

You should really clean your lenses.

I enjoyed this - sure it was pretty basic but my view is if I don't like it I don't watch it. There are ton of beginners out there that would get something from this. One thing I noted is how important to research the location before going there as the team discovered with the water everywhere.

thanks for sharing this.

What? Anybody that's been shooting for more than 6 months knows don't shoot models with anything less than an 85mm. 150 is good. 12 to 20 inches above the floor for full length makes them look like Amazon babes. 50 is wide angle for people unless you want to be artsy. Then you have to be real carefull exactly where the lens is. It changes perspective and distorts the purportion of their body. This guy has good equip. but doesn't know how to use it. - and a budget & crew?

yeah with that crew i would except better results...and those dresses are horrible ...i mean its not my style Gothic or what is that....

You sure about that? These are shot by the highest paid photographers in fashion. Mert & Marcus. The rarely use anything other than wide lenses.


They're also shooting to sell the clothing, so wides and 50's make more sense. If you want a flattering portrait, longer glass is more the norm.

Bill Pratt! So tell Melissa Rodwell she is shooting with the wrong lens! She most often breaks out the 50 to shoot her models.

Ok, so basically this is just a 6min ad for Spider Holster and Kessler... That crane has no function since the photographer is on worker-stairs(?), both model and pics are pretty mediocre...

I don't think this article influences anyones learning curve...

He makes better videos than he does photos. You are seeing a growing trend of would be good photographers turning into camera salesmen. It's clear his money comes from endorsements and pushing camera gear on people who are just getting into this type of work or people who can't tell the difference between top level work and novice. This guy has not produced good images for the greater part of all the videos he made last year. Can he produce good images, sure, but I don't think that is his goal anymore, as I think many of these photographers are trying to do what Scott Kelby did. Sell more camera equipment than you actually shoot. Scott is good, I'm sure this guy is good, but these images and most of his images are not very good as of late.

Just look around the web and see how many of these guys are turning into camera reviewers and salesmen for camera brands. The Strobist, Zack Arias, all paid off to do more selling than shooting. Zack Arias claimed Fuji was the next Leica. I laughed.

So what exactly is the point of this video? (Selling the Tamron and the Spider holster, i know, but still...)
I mean, we all can see that the photos turned out... well, crap. Why the hell is that crane at the set? And why the hell does this guy need a crew of, like, 10 people?! A crew of 10 and no one even cleans his sensor?! Plus, he mentions it was a six hour rond trip to go to this location and that he got a permit for the shoot? Shouldn't have bothered... would be best if he just got the model and went to shoot on at empty car lot.

Some people...

Poor implementation on an amazing amazing location. I would kill for a location like this.