An Interesting Perspective On A Photoshoot I'd Never Do

When I first saw this video it put a big smile on my face. I really wish the photographer had shared some insight on this video since it seems like such a unique situation but we are just left with this short clip. You can see the final photos here but I'm not sure why they did not use a more interesting shot of the bear.

Koda from Academy on Vimeo.

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ShakaM's picture

I wanna hug him!!

Eddie's picture

I'd love to do a shoot like that. It's the trainer I wouldn't want to be. :)

Steve M's picture

Looks like some wedding shoots!!

Wow....not sure I could do this as my heart would be going crazy!!! But wow...I'd like to see the images.

Tomas Piliponis's picture

That guy is huge! oO :)

Caroline Barth's picture

Is it possible for something to be scary and adorable at the same time? He was acting like a big puppy. xD

Martin Schneyra's picture

Great Idea! I think I would be really "impressed" of beeing in the same place than that guy.

Rashaad B's picture