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10 More Photographers You Should Be Following On Fstoppers

10 More Photographers You Should Be Following On Fstoppers

Last week I made a list of 10 of my favorite photographers to follow on Fstoppers and a few people complained that too many of them were "portrait" photographers. I've scoured the community again and today I've created a new list with 10 incredible, additional photographers who shoot much more than your average portrait. 

"Following" a photographer or writer on Fstoppers is extremely easy. Simply click on their name, visit their profile, and click the "follow" button, right next to their name. You will be notified when photographers you are following have uploaded a new picture or published a new article on Fstoppers.

Now that you know how to follow these photographers, let's go down the list. 


Roman Lavrov

Roman just recently joined the Fstoppers community and I would venture to say that he has the best automotive portfolio of anyone on this site at this point. Even if you aren't a "car guy" you will be able to appreciate his work.




Brian Rodgers Jr.

Brian's product work has really made an impression on me. In some of his most memorable shots he has combined fire and smoke with his products to produce some unforgettable finished images. 




Dennis Ramos

Dennis has been on the community for quite some time and his work has an incredibly unique style. I want to hang his pictures on the walls of my house and I want him to teach me how in the world he creates this super stylized "look."



Kendra Paige

I've been keeping an eye on Kendra's work for quite some time. Last year I went out on a limb and asked her if she would like to write for Fstoppers and I'm so glad that she agreed. If you enjoy fashion/beauty photography, you will want to follow her work. 




Peter Stewart

I just recently ran across Peter's travel portfolio and I instantly became a fan. Peter's work, fantastic post production, and interesting angles make his images stand out amongst so many other mediocre landscape shots. 




Jeroen Nieuwhuis

I met Jeroen randomly in Holland last year. Jeroen and his business partner are in their 20s and they are already shooting photos and videos for international brands ad campaigns. You'll want to stay on top of what these incredible shooters do next. 



Felix Hernandez

Felix has an incredibly diverse portfolio. He has made a name for himself shooting realistic images of toys (see below) but he also has some world class composite work and some amazing lifestyle images as well. 



Nazar Andriychuk

Nazar's Coke Cola shot is probably my favorite product shot on this entire website. His lighting, post processing, and overall attention to detail makes his shots jump out at you. I'm excited to see what he creates next. 


Sebastian Colibar

Food photography can be extremely hard, especially when you are trying to capture extremely complex scenes. Sebastian has an amazing range of both small food plates and ultra complex tables. 


Kim Smith

Kim Smith has an incredible architectural portfolio. While many photographers today are creating very contrasty lighting composites, Kim's images have a gorgeous natural tone to them. Nothing feels fake or out of place. If you appreciate this genre as much as me, you'll certainly want to follow her work. 



We are making it a goal to share more and more of YOUR work on Fstoppers. If you think your images are worth sharing, create a profile, upload them to your portfolio and if they are good, I guarantee I will see them. I search through newly uploaded images almost every single day. 

If you've uploaded pictures but you don't seem to be getting any views or ratings I would highly suggest joining our "critique" group. There you can post your work and get feedback instantly without having to be "discovered."

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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So much awesomeness.

There is only one King, the King's name is Michael Woloszynowicz! All hail to the King!

He will make an upcoming list I promise. I was trying to stay away from "sexy women" because I got blasted for that on the last list.

This is an awesome list, with good variety! Still hoping to see a wedding photographer that has regularly posted images though, I have not really found one either.

we're all too busy editing weddings :'(

jk lol.

I know a good one. Check out http://www.michaelanthonyphotography.com/

This guy's studio is cranking out 50 weddings a year. He's really driven and a nice guy.

Every time I see these posts I'm like... oh ya! i should add some pics to my profile...

Anyone who dislikes sexy women must be either gay or frigid.

Or a straight woman who has access to it any time she pleases. Just sayin'.

Well, as a straight male I can still appreciate the sight of a good looking man. So being a straight woman doesn't mean you can't appreciate looking at other women. Besides, I know you girlies, when you get all pretty and dressed up it's not to impress us men but rather to make your female friends jealous, isn't it? ;)

I can appreciate good photography and a decent looking body regardless of gender. But there is a reason Magic Mike did so well in the box office, and it isn't for the great acting.

More "sexy woman" please! Pictures of living rooms just don't do it for me anymore....lol


Wow, thanks Lee! I'm flattered ☺️

Very honoured. Thanks for inclusion on the list Lee :)
Some insane levels of talent around here!!!

Props need to go to the retouchers for most of these.

Glad to see Sebastian Colibar on this list, one of the best food portfolios I've seen. Great compilation, Lee.

Thank you!!!

I recently enjoyed going thru the work of Roman Lavrov, most important to see his post processing of his visions thru his videos which are excellent.
While I have enjoyed many of these on the updated list it is clear retouching excellence is the real winner for many of these. But kudos to all and great list Lee.


And this is more like it! because I was so tired to see in the "Popular photos and videos" section to see too much of one or two genre of photography. Having a variety in these feature post is definitely a delight to see. Thanks for listening to us Lee.

Really digging the variety. I love Dennis Ramos' portfolio.

Hi Lee... Big surprice!!! Such an honor to be in this list with such talented photographers. Thanks.

10 clearly defined visual styles (and souls?). Very nice :)

Wow, what a way to kick off my weekend on a high note! Thank you for including me on this list among such great and diverse photographers!

Straight on with Peter Stewart, loving his fresh portfolio. So much inspiration to find here!

Would love to see a tutorial by Roman Lavrov in the future.

Great feature. Very impressive work of high quality ! I would welcome some additional selections that are not heavily retouched.

Great list, hope to see Anthony D'Angio also known as Flex (Flex The Frog) one of my favorite music photographers in the business.

Absolutely blown away by the talent of the Fstoppers community. Great work guys keep it up!

Truly inspiring, thanks for sharing

Some amazing work. Thanks for posting this Lee!

There are a ton of truly amazing photographers on Fstoppers! So awesome to be considered for this list, really means a lot, Thanks Lee Morris!

Lee) Thanks a lot