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that's fantastic

Thank you Lee, glad you like it

this is amazing!

Love it, great work with the fluids and attention to lighting.

Yo bro!!! Great stuff homie!!! Jut reminds me when mah south gate got all genchy and made dat DQ soft surve!!!! Way to swirl and twirl Mr. Noodle pants yo!!!!

super !


That's awesome, the bottle is light very nicely and the splash's are lovely.

This is exceptional

cool post pro

Thank you Roman

Very nice work Nazar. Love the creative integration with the product. My only constructive feedback may be that the bottle cap doesn't look like it's scaled correctly. Assuming the trajectory were forward from the bottle, the cap should be larger than it is. So, I must assume that the trajectory is away from the bottle, even though the cap is facing forward. Just my $0.02. :) Nice work.

You are right. My intention was to show that the cap is flying to the right side and slightly behind the bottle, but you are absolutely right about cap facing forward instead of backwards.
Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate that you took your time and analyzed my image.
PS: sorry for the late reply.

It's so impressive. I really love it.

Thank you

amazing post

Love this shot!

this is amazing stuff brother... have you been approached about possibly making a video? I'd love to see this stuff in action...

Amazing, indeed!