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This image took me about 6 months to put all the necessary elements together. It initially started as a simple test shot, because I wanted to experiment with some new techniques of lighting and stylizing transparent bottle. It ended up looking well and as a result, I had decent product shot, which I could easily use for my portfolio.
However, after a few months I looked back on the image and decided to expand it a little bit and turn it into something more complex than just a simple product shot on white background. I took two images of painters in my studio, grabbed another two from stock photography sites and composed them together in photoshop, added a paint effect and finalized the image with some color adjustments.

Canon 5D Mark II
100 mm · f/10 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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Dis fliggy wiggy be off da chain. Duh chain of life. Dat chain that keeps u connected brah. Itz been let loose and I'm free to fry wit duh beers in duh sky dude bro. Dis makes me want 2 pop open a bottle and drink it till the fizz be gone yo.

Thank you, decription and EXIF data have been added

I am beginning to be drawn to composites, and this one stands out. Maybe because I am a Heineken fan, but honestly, I think this is an excellent shot!

Thank you Brian


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