Storytelling From the Swamp!

Scott Holstein sent us this video a while back and it must have gotten lost in our email (thanks iphone fans). Being from Tallahassee, Florida, Scott decided to use the swamp as his backdrop. He also came up with a cleaver way to light up little lanterns used in the shoot. Maybe I'm the only one, but I'd be a little scared of getting eaten alive or being bit by something hiding in those country swamps!

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Very cool idea! Love the creative idea behind this one and the end result!

----Marshal Chupa----

Thanks, Marshal. And thanks, Patrick, for posting.

I can't believe he was in that swampy water with just his sandals! Where were his waders!! LOL, awesome idea, and cool with the lights!

Hey Andrea, thanks! Waders are cumbersome :)

Loved the final image, very creative and the lighting was great.

Thanks, Taylor!

Great concept. The lights really make the shot pop.

Thanks, Stephen, appreciate it.

Love this,Gorgeous light and great location and idea!