[Video] The Miracles of Science: A Pill that Increases Productivity and Creativity

At long last, the scientific breakthrough many of us have long been waiting for: A pill that we can take to get us out of an editing slump, increase creativity, or help us deal with clients. But beware: side effects may include high blood pressure, insomnia, color blindness, neck pain, and occasional dizziness.

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"Limitless" anyone?

Now that's funny!

Note: Increased aperture may result in a decrease in depth of field. 

Other side effects include: an increase in panning, dragging the shutter, and increased clarity and vibrance. 

Can I order these over the internet?

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I must be high or something. I know there is a tongue-in-cheek joke here but i can't... figure it out.

Is he going through a mid-life crisis? Is he making fun of wannabees? Is he telling us that we should do more creative things? Not saying it's not funny, i just don't know what to laugh at.

Explaining humor is a dangerous task, Joop; but I'll give it try. First of all the entire "commercial" is done in the style of Viagra ads that are prevalent in the US and that alone is funny. The notion that a pill can cause creativity is funny. The idea that a creativity pill causes dangerous side effects is funny. The nature of these side effects ("Free portraits") is funny. The tone is funny. The photographer is funny. The silly little obsolete Girl Scout camera he holds is funny. 

This explanation is not funny. Hope that helps.

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 Thank you, that made it much more clear to me :-)

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hahaha that was brilliant! have to repost, i know many that would sooo get a good laugh at it!