The $199 Waterproof ContourRoam Shoots 1080p Handsfree

If you're like our adventurous duo Lee and Patrick and can't help but want to capture every moment of your daredevil exploits be it wake boarding, rock climbing, snowboarding, etc, then this sleek little number just maybe what you need to put down your not so waterproof D7000. Contour's latest, entirely hands-free mountable camera, the ContourROAM can shoot 1080p 30fps video and 5MP still images with a lens that rotates 270 degrees and includes a freakin laser line for leveling shots even when the camera is mounted at odd angles. It supports up to 32GB of storage via microSD and has a built-in multi-directional mic for catching audio. All aluminum construction makes this nice and rugged with a battery life of three hours per charge.




via [Tested] [ContourROAM]
From Kenn:
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Holy crap that was an awesome video. Really made me want to get my ass off the couch.


Brian Hawkins's picture

I'll buy when they make one that does 60fps or more.  

It's waterproof to 3' (1 m), seems not much.
The Contour with 60fps it's a GoPro Hero (not taking in consideration the shape and other things).

YO! They put that thing on the heli blade! Such a rad shot!

Patrick Hall's picture

Was that Bam Margera?  Might have to test these.  Nice knowing GoPro has some competition 

Yeah Bam got a mention in the credits and a very cool add!

j.j.'s picture

Not bad at all. GoPro has competition from Contour and JVC Picsio. You have to think about the fact that it's (and not just the contour) really a camera phone's camera in a very small and compact housing that holds a battery and writes to a card. This is a camera that is very affordable to make, stretching this a bit. The imaging sensor on these cameras alone can be bought for a whole $20-30. Also, it wouldn't be fair to compare one of these sensors to a Canon 7d or Nikon d7000 when arguing about high definition. I know for a fact, that these cameras will not be able to produce as near as good of quality as the latter, simply because of pixel size, these being about 1.2-1.4microns and 3-8megal pixels, and the dslr sizes being 6-9 microns, and 10-24mp, and lack of "manual" video control of aperture, ISO, shutter speed.

I've personally owned a GoPro and used it for many purposes, even live streaming with it (using a housing i modified to keep it charged while taking a live feed from the camera), but I couldn't really enjoy it because of the lack of control that I am used to, or a clear enough screen to adjust from, and I didn't like how it handled in low light or night time situations.

But as with any electronic item, there's room for improvement and I'm glad to see that Contour is stepping up it's game. Really it's anybody's ballgame. It's just that GoPro has done very well with marketing theirs to the athletes.

Julian Jones

So in love with this video!

It seems GoPro has some competition, and the method of mounting the camera seems more minimal.