New Nikon Capture NX-D RAW Processing Software

New Nikon Capture NX-D RAW Processing Software

On top of the new Nikon D4s annoucement, a new announcement came out about Nikon Capture NX-D RAW Processing Software. The software will allow you to maximize the Nikon camera and lens capabilities and create the "ultimate image quality that Nikon intended."

If you used any of the previous Nikon software applications, you may notice that this offers a number of different display formats with flexible operations just like in previous programs. You can display thumbnails above, below, to the left, or to the right of images or you can display just two or four images to compare and make easy selections of your favorite ones. On top of that, there will be a display to compare your RAW image before and after adjustments have been applied so you can get an idea of what you did. This really helps so you can take a step back to see if you overdid your edit or if you got it just right.

Up until this point, Nikon used a format for files that saved the adjustments directly to NEF and the NRW files.  Now, with the adoption of a sidecar format it will save adjustments to a separate file to preserve RAW files in their original, post-capture state.  Also, the sidecar format makes it easy to apply multiple adjustments across a slew of files. This makes for quick editing speeds in bulk amounts.


Based on the screenshots that Nikon has shared on their site, I think the interface looks clean.  Nothing to crazy going on, which is good. Overall with a processing program, I don't think anything should be too distracting.  You need to be able to focus on the image in front of you.



With this announcement, I am left here kind of scratching my head.  The first thing that came to my mind was "how is this different than Lightroom and why should I choose it over Lightroom?"  Still, I am sitting here with the same questions.  The BETA is open for users to test and I look forward to hearing back from anyone who gives this application a try.

More information can be found at the Nikon Capture NX-D Official Website

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No more color control points?

no, that u-point feature is an invention of the CNX developer NIK which was bought by google.

“how is this different than Lightroom and why should I choose it over Lightroom?”

Because Adobe has yet to 'nail' NEF files.

I used NX2 for some time but jumped ship to LR. Compared to LR, NX2 features an awkward UI and gives less pleasing results. On top of great image quality LR comprises a nifty file mgmt. system second to none. I'll take Capture NX-D for a spin but I don't get my hopes up.

I don't use this app, but according to regular users they've remove some desirable features they use often, mainly the control points. Not fairing well with them.

I use Capture NX for one reason only, the control points... And now they are gone?

no control points because I think this is a new version of ViewNX2 not CaptureNX2. It appears these are just basic editing tools as with VNX2 now. You can still open in CNX2 for the full blown editing facilities

Maybe. But the Beta website is touting it as "Capture NX-D" which would lead one to believe it's supposed to be the successor to Capture NX2.

oh my! Things are not looking good then!

Anybody notice the reference to Adobe "XMP SDK" embedded in the software in the license agreement and the mention of Raw Developer Pro in the Read Me file ?

How about a workflow from NX-D into NIK's software package. Best of both worlds as neither LR or Aperture handle NEF files that well.

its definitely going to replace capture NX2 according to Nikon Europe, so no control points any more.

Previously CNX was developed by NIK, hence it having features like the U-point but now that NIK has been bought by big boy Google, Nikon has to find someone else to develop the software and are forced to dropped certain features that's owned by NIK

Exactly."How is this different than Lightroom?" = It is Nikon software, and therefore gives you access to in-camera colors which can be far superior to Adobe. Yes, Adobe has done amazing things with dynamic range recently however they have always been utterly abysmal at skin tones, especially on Nikon files.

For this reason, I've been using Nikon View NX 2 for many years now to cull and proof my files. It provides high-speed browsing, plus the in-camera settings are all preserved so if I do really good on my in-camera settings, I can just proof the gig right then and there without any post-production whatsoever!


Well, just open a NEF in LR and the same in NX-D. There is no need to adjust anything to see the results are like day and night in every matter (sharpness, color, skin tones etc.)

I understood that Nikon has the same U-point technology in Capture NX that's present in the Nik Collection. If that's true, then it's awesome: Being able to work with this technology straight on Raw files is probably a much smoother experience than going from Lightroom to Nik and dealing with multiple TIFF files.

I've been using NX-D for the weekend and it is a joke. It is very little more than View NX2. Letting Google grab NIK was the end of Capture NX. Without control points Capture NX has NO competitive advantage except the one NIKON can manufacture by controlling the proprietary NEF file format. The U-Point feature set was the ONLY (feature) reason I used Capture NX 2. So, basically NIKON will (continue) hold NIKON camera owners hostage by never really giving Adobe everything they need to work with NEF. Oh sure, they announce joint marketing statements but they'll never cooperate fully. NIKON cant win the software feature war so they'll cheat :)
I'll continue to use Capture NX 2 until its made obsolete by NIKON. Then I suppose I'll have to get Lightroom and the NIK Collection - as I must have control points - they are that good- IMHO.