$500,000 up for Grabs in This Year's My RØDE Reel Short Film Competition

RØDE is bringing back its popular short film competition, My RØDE Reel, for its fourth year, with a larger prize pool and more chances to win. With amazing prizes from over 20 of the biggest companies in the industry and talented judges like Philip Bloom, this competition has quickly become one of if not the largest for short films.

The best part about this particular competition is RØDE has created categories and submission guidelines that encourage everyone to participate, whether amateur or professional. The guidelines are simple. All you need is an original film of three minutes or less and a behind the scenes video showcasing the use of one of RØDE's products. There are also creative new categories this year that cover topics you don't usually see in film competitions.

New This Year

  • Best Virtual Reality film (360-degree or VR camera)
  • Best Vlog (first person narrative)
  • Best 30-second Television Commercial (for a RØDE product)

A behind the scenes category that has been divided into two categories this year. 

  • Educational BTS
  • Entertaining BTS

In addition to what is new, there is a long list of genre categories like drama, horror, documentary, music videos, etc., as well as technical awards including Sound Design, Cinematography, and Acting and Visual Effects. However, the big prizes go to the major awards categories:

  • Female Filmmaker award
  • Judges’ Film award
  • People’s Choice award
  • Young Filmmaker award

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are a couple of the big prize winners from last year's competition.

Judges' Film Award Winner

"The Tale of Benjamin Sawyer," by Ronnie Bingaman

People's Choice Award Winner

"My Mom’s Motorcycle," by Douglas Gautraud

So, if you're a filmmaker or have been thinking of getting into it as a hobby, this is a great competition to use as a motivator. Submissions are currently open and run until June 30, 2017. Submit your entry to My RØDE Reel here.

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David Schöppe's picture

Wow Cool... not!
So they give us 3 awefully annoying categories. I tought short films are something estetic and artistic..

Michael DeStefano's picture

There are over a dozen very different categories and several Award categories. Re-read the post.