Adobe Adds New AI-Powered Object Selection Tool to Photoshop That Can Select Complex Subjects in a Few Clicks

Photoshop’s Magic Wand and Quick Selection tools are getting an upgrade. The new Object Selection tool is a “powerful AI-powered solution” that helps make complicated selections simple, merely by clicking and dragging. See exactly how effective it is in this newly released video from Adobe.

The two-minute clip illustrates the powers of the new tool. So confident is Adobe about their new development, they decided to make it the default/top tool of the Quick Selection and Magic Wand tool group.

The new tool allows users to draw using Marquee or Lasso selections in order to indicate which object(s) they wish to select. Adobe’s Meredith Stotzner says: “It’s like it reads your mind and shrink-wraps the object with the selection.”

Here are some examples of the tool in action. In this image, if you wanted to select just the two women, you can simply draw a box around them. The Adobe Sensei technology detects what you want, and automatically selects them.

If you’re after something more specific, such as this woman’s beanie hat, you can again draw a box around it in order to isolate just that one item.

The Object Selection tool allows much more precise selections of individual objects in photos than 2018’s Select Subject tool, even if the subject you’re trying to pick out isn’t the “most prominent” in the shot.

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Christopher Fuller's picture

This will add some much efficiency to my workflow!

Spy Black's picture

This will add more interns to the production line...

Koketso Resane's picture

That's fine. Photography isn't an exclusive sport.

Spy Black's picture

Yeah, who needs a job as a professional anyway?...

Eric Salas's picture

Game changer for sure

Johnny Rico's picture

Lets see real world usage vs the 4 hand picked solid tone/OOF backgrounds.

Deleted Account's picture

My packshot editor will be out of work.

Marc Perino's picture

Well let's see how the selection will look like. I use the most recent AI selection mostly for people on grey backgrounds and it is subpar. I have to do lots of manual work still.

It might help for a few situations but I guess it still far from perfect.

Penny Fan's picture

Pulling pro out of job and introduces more pro-wanna-be into the industry T_T

Jeff Walsh's picture

if this addition to photoshop threatens your business, your business was doomed regardless

Jeff Walsh's picture

I wanna see it work in an image that doesn't have high contrasting colors. Maybe a low contrast b&w photo

Rod Kestel's picture

Wow, if this really works it will be a huge time saver.
Next will be the voice activated version, "remove ex-wife", then "move girl closer". Finally "fix wardrobe malfunction".

Dinah Beaton's picture

Haha careful what you ask for.

Dinah Beaton's picture

Hmmm. Interesting. But also steering photography more towards manipulated picture making and much less from actual photography.
I guess that's really how it's all become - just like we have become.
Don't get me wrong, I am a PS and LR user and thoroughly enjoy it plus have fun with all new features that come out, but having now taken up and fully embracing film photography again, I guess that makes me see PS and LR enhancements as the Botox to digital images.

Eric Salas's picture

It could be used as lightly or heavily as the user wants. “Manipulated photos” could technically be every photograph on this site since we all manipulate our photos.
Something like this can speed up selective lighting or color adjustments to smaller areas without the slower pen tool or other selection ways.

Philip Taylor's picture

Why hasn't anyone asked the obvious question of 'When'?'

Deleted Account's picture

When they can figure out the excuse for upping the subscription again?

Arthur q's picture

Perfect! Once I learn how to use this I shall have another tool to hide my lack of skill.

True Artists have been complaining about the inevitable march of artificial technology since Leonardo discovered that he could buy better brushes than he could make.

Koketso Resane's picture

I use a white backdrop (no gels) and gradient map it for creative direction. This is exactly what will make me renew my CC subscription.

J. R. Wheatley's picture

At the end of the video, I realized I had literally been watching it slack-jawed.

Excuse me. I'm going to go try this out right now.