Adobe Announces New Aesthetic Filters for Stock Searches Along With New Collections

Adobe Announces New Aesthetic Filters for Stock Searches Along With New Collections

Adobe Stock continues to expand in terms of both capability and content. In addition to adding content from multiple editorial and premium outlets, Adobe has also introduced the ability to filter images by certain aesthetic attributes, making the process of finding the desired shot much easier.

One of the toughest parts of using stock imagery is finding the precise image you want. With libraries reaching well into the tens of millions, the content is out there; it's just a matter of being able to narrow it all down to the exact look you're going for. Adobe is taking an interesting approach to this, augmenting Adobe Stock Visual Search (which allows one to search by image for similar looks instead of using keywords) with their new Aesthetic Filters. These filters allow one to narrow their results by certain photographic properties, such as depth of field and the vividness of the colors in an image. Check out the example below:

A sample of the new aesthetic filters.

In addition to these new search capabilities, Adobe has also partnered up with Reuters (12 million editorial images of news, sports, and entertainment along with 1 million video clips), USA Today Sports (covering 10,000 sporting events and creating 500,000 images per year), and Stocksy, which expands their premium collection. Lastly, Adobe Stock now integrates with Microsoft Powerpoint via an add-in. To read more about all of the latest updates, click here.
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