Adobe Releases Update to Photoshop CC, Includes Powerful New Selection Tool

Today, Adobe has released Photoshop CC 19.1 with some major improvements and new features that are sure to please a lot of photographers. Check out what's new!

In addition to the normal bug fixes, today's release also brings the following:

  • Windows High Density Monitor Support: The Photoshop UI can now be scaled from 100 percent to 400 percent in 25-percent increments. The ability is per monitor, meaning something like a high-density laptop screen can be zoomed appropriately to work together with an attached monitor. Photoshop will automatically adjust itself based on Windows settings.
  • Select Subject: Taking advantage of machine learning, this feature is meant to provide a better base selection (before refinement) even with more complex backgrounds. This should be particularly helpful for compositing or simply creating layer masks. Once the initial selection has been made, you can then refine it using the normal tools. You can see a preview of the feature in the video above. 
  • Select and Mask: The "Decontaminate Color" feature has been brought over from the Refine Edge Tool to the Select and Mask dialog, allowing one to remove color overflow from selections with greater ease. 

You can read about the full range of updates in the Adobe blog.

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Wouter du Toit's picture

How about giving the option to, instead of having only running ants as selection, having pen-tool path as selection. Imagine using this tool, having a path to work with using this one-click tech, and it being editable using the pen-tool, before going through the final, running-ants selection part. #mytwocents

Andrea Dottesi's picture

Thanks Adobe, 2018 and 4K finally supported on Windows! wow! =)

Alexander Petrenko's picture

It might be unusable in 4K as Lightroom. So, thanks Adobe :)

Motti Bembaron's picture

For the past couple of years (or more) we see Adobe adds all kind of features to Photoshop and Lightroom and our apps are slowing down at the same rate. Many times Photoshop and Lightroom are practically unusable. Many times a computer startup is required.

Reading Adobe forums it seems Adobe does not really care for performance problems, they just pile up features.

Motti Bembaron's picture

My PC is only one year old (self built). The thing is, it works amazingly well with all other programs, including video editing (Corel). There is nothing wrong with my PC, trust me. I did many benchmarks test and my PC is working very well

I don't have to restart often but it does happens. For example, today after updating to the newest Photoshop update, I worked on a 400MB file. It was so bad that I had to delete my preferences. It helped for now, however, saving still takes 40-50 seconds, on a SSD. Not cool.

When things get really slow I open my video editing and play around to see if the PC is to blame. Just about anytime, it is Adobe products to blame.

Yes, unfortunately, Adobe has no intensive to do much regarding performance.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

There might be some other underlying problem. I always use my R3 Alienware 17 (i7) which is almost three years old and save my 600MB files in less than a third of that time. I notice saving is slower on systems with less than 16GB of RAM as I have 32GB

Motti Bembaron's picture

I also have 32GB RAM, the fastest 1TB Samsung SSD and i7 Intel. There could be other issues but none that I can identify.

The thing is, Adobe products are known to becomes much slower than they used to be. As the programs developed and more features added, so is the computer hardware. Yet, it seems Adobe apps are not well optimize for the new hardware.

Case in point is the use of the graphic card. Either it's Lightroom or Photoshop you hear so many say that using graphic card helps the performance and as many claim the opposite.

I will keep looking for other issues of course but I am almost certain that Adobe can do much better in the performance department.

Tony Ciccone's picture

Anyone experiencing a slow Select & Refine? Sliders take about a minute to show the adjustment and my laptop's fan is taking off for flight.

Spy Black's picture

It's not a bug, it's a feature. Just charge by the hour...

Paul Scharff's picture

I did for sure. The refine tool works quickly still if all the other sliders are at their default position.

Spy Black's picture

More monkeys on the production line...

Paul Scharff's picture

I used it yesterday for about three hours and I'm glad to have it, but almost everything needed some very intense refinement. I'm not sure yet it will be faster than what I'm already doing right now.