Annie Leibovitz Puts Her Massive NYC Property on the Market for a Cool $33 Million

Annie Leibovitz Puts Her Massive NYC Property on the Market for a Cool $33 Million

Annie Leibovitz, who got her start with Rolling Stone Magazine and is more recently one of the most sought-after commercial photographers, is asking $33 million for a massive 10,202-square-foot property in NYC. In 2007, Leibovitz put her entire work (and future work) up as collateral for a $24 million loan to help pay off some of her debt. I can't help but think this should definitely help her keep the rights to her own work...

Interestingly enough, Leibovitz pieced the property together over the years from three separate townhouses on the corner of West 11th and Greenwich Streets that she originally bought for a combined $6.1 million. Not a bad turnaround...

Below is an excerpt from the

Famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz, has listed her compound of three townhouses in the West Village for $33M. This extraordinary compound of approximately 10,202 square feet comprises three distinct townhouses positioned on the northeast corner of Greenwich and West 11th Streets: 757 Greenwich, 755 Greenwich, and 311 West 11th Street, surrounding a private garden. No stranger to financial problems, in 2007, the photographer put her body of work and future production up as collateral on a $24M loan to pay down her debt.

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If there ever was an appropriate time to use the "this is why we can't have nice things" meme. I may not be a financial planner, but what has always worked for me was to spend less than I earned.

If I found a property in new york (or three) for around $6 million, I would likely sell my soul for it...can't imagine something that awesome. It's a dream (hence the 'new price'). Can you blame her?

I find it amazing that she could buy it in the first place selling 8 x10s and albums. Crazy amazing!

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You obviously know nothing about her

It was a joke.

how can she have such a massive debt... stupid  girl.....

 FStoppers: I know that the majority of your staff are from the US, but I and I assume alot others are not. Could you please include the metrics system when you are writing articles like this?

Keep upthe good work!   (It's 947 square meters if anyone is intrested)

 Why? It's an American property listed for sale in the U.S., and in the U.S. all properties are listed with their square footage.

True but would you not agree that the article would be better if it included a measurement that people outside of the US might relate to aswell? Think of it this way, if the same building would be located in Berlin instead of NY would you (if you are american that is) not be intrested in the measurements in square feet?

That's a fair point, but then the building in Berlin wouldn't list the measurements in sq feet, would it?

 My point exactly. It would measure it in square meters and then the non metric fluent crowd wouldn't understand.

Not really a big deal (though it must have been for the broker!) as it took me about five seconds to google. But still. :)

........ i know what i want for Christmas.....

Her financial problems are well publicized. Most sources attribute them to death of her spouse (Susan Sontag), death of her father, death of her mother, poor business management with lousy bookkeeping and expense control, addition of two children, real estate debt entanglement, and involvement with a predatory lender. Her relations with the fine art and gallery market have not been strong and the collector interest in her work is less than you might expect.

The property next door almost fell down and was seriously compromised because of work she was doing on her place. For many years it was being held up by massive steel i-beams. This cost her a fortune and the current price tag is not nearly the full story on what she paid out compared to the current price tag

Pffft... How does she afford this in the first place? She's the most overrated photographer I can think of. Her portraits are just plain boring and emotionless. Especially when you consider all the other photogs that have shot for rolling stone. Am I the only who thinks that?

I would love to have a studio like that!  What a dream.