Apple Is Offering Free Over-the-Phone Photo Editing Classes

Apple Is Offering Free Over-the-Phone Photo Editing Classes

Apple is offering free sessions to teach its customers how to better utilize its’ Apple Photos software. Perhaps unusually, the lessons will be conducted over the phone.

The one-on-one lessons are 30 minutes in length and will see an Apple Photos expert talk you through how to edit your own pictures. It’s available to all skill levels, and “show you how to get the results you want,” according to Apple’s Support website.

There is tutoring available for the Photos app on both macOS and iOS, and ranges from one-click amendments right through to more specific tweaking.

Apple claim: “Your session guide will cover all the editing tools Photos offers — from the one-click fix of the Auto Enhance tool, to detailed light and color adjustments. We’ll even help you edit your Live Photos and images taken in Portrait mode. You’ll also learn how to crop and filter your photos, and revert your adjustments if you want to start over.”

The scheme is currently only available to US residents, and sessions are available to schedule now.

If you’d prefer face-to-face, Apple also offers in-person classes under their Today at Apple scheme. You may not have the luxury of a one-on-one session, but if you learn visually and prefer to see your tutor, it may be the better option.

Lead image credit: Ed Gregory via Stokpic.

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