Beastgrip Universal Lens Adapter Turns Your Phone Into The Camera You Already Have

Let me start this by making it clear that I am all for innovation and unique ideas. Useful products and powerhouse entrepreneurs shape the world we live in. The Beastgrip is certainly unique and if you're looking to turn your phone into an SLR, go for it. The thing looks like it would do well in the phoneography arena. Perhaps some of you will want to make your phone as large as possible so it becomes the equivalent of a full SLR in size. Maybe using your phone instead of that big bulky camera is just slightly too convenient. Fret not, there is a solution! I mean, really, just look at the size of this thing:


If that doesn't scream "convenient" I don't know what does. I for one am pretty fed up with how easily my phone fits into my pocket. The product itself is decently well thought out despite the obvious part of making your phone enormous. A few accessories added onto the modular frame will allow you to turn your once wimpy phone into a multimedia producing Dr. Octopus of awesomeness.


The Beastgrip is capable of attaching to rails, tripods, steadicams, and even automotive mounts if you're feeling frisky. Not to mention the shotgun mic your smartphone has always been missing. No sir, an Otterbox just won't do...I'll be needing a pelican case for my phone!

In matching colors...


I can't tell you how badly I want to like things like this. The problem is that real innovation in the "phoneography" market isn't going to come from a modular lego vice-grip, it's going to come from a brilliant optics innovation that keeps the device small. Vadym Chalenko, the creator of the Beastgrip, has done a wonderful job of creating a product and crowd-funding it. Make no mistake about that. As it stands the Beastgrip has raised close to half of it's Kickstarter goal with 24 days left to go. I have no doubt about the goal being reached, and I truly hope it does. I really want to be proven wrong here. However, just like the Snuggie, this seems like a painfully pointless invention. Which means it's going to sellout immediately once it's publicly available.

If you want one, or want to support their development you can do so on the Beastgrip Kickstarter Page


Just use a camera!

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Looks interesting!!

Adam T's picture

Man do I want a good 3d printer! I agree who want a phone cam that is bigger than a regular camera. ----"pretty fed up with how easily my phone fits into my pocket" <-- Classic

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Quick question on a off-topic subject:
What is the proper term for those orangy flashes/burns/flares in the video? They are used a lot and I was kinda looking for a template for them or something like that, but I dont know what to call them in English.

Vincent Morretino's picture

They are called film burns. Sometimes people use light leaks, but they are not the same thing. You can get them for free by searching "film burn" or "light leak."

Jeroen Rommelaars's picture

Thanks! Wasn't quite sure what to call them.

Funniest and most ridiculous thing I've seen in a while - thanks for the laugh!

Looks like the same thing can be accomplished with a bunch of Legos.

Looks like a kids toy made by Fisher Price.

Is it April already?

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Whats the song?

I want to hate it as well, but since my 7D has been on the market (insert your camera of choice) look at the video enhancements in the cell phone market. The iPhone 3GS that came out the same year as the 7D had a VGA camera, now it does 1080p and 120FPS. I'm an iPhone user, but aren't some Androids starting to record 4k? As a B camera on a low budget production, cell phones may be the cheapest best camera, since that's where the most fierce competition. Yes quality, DR, yada yada, but the iPhone 5 has already replaced my p/s and my need for a camcorder because the quality is good enough.

Have you actually seen the 4k video coming out of smartphones? Just because it's '4k' doesn't mean it's any good

Please use the term SLR right. You can't turn your phone into an SLR. Because a Single Lens Reflex camera is something totally different. Why the heck does nobody get this right?

Because there was no better way to convey the size and ridiculousness. :)


I suppose if you wanted to shoot video with your iphone and didn't want to pay for a dedicated camera this might be useful. Whenever I see iphones being used for commercial video work they are usually encased in a much more expensive version of something like this. And if you already have tripods and other gear sitting about, this allows for some interesting experiments.