[BTS] Joe McNally's BTS Circus Shoot with Nikon's D4

Get a behind the scenes look at a couple shoots Joe has been doing for the Nikon D4 campaign. All footage was shot on Nikon D4 and Nikon D7000 cameras.

Joe's great sense of humor and his amazing work makes this video a fun and insightful watch.

via [ISO1200]
From Kenn:
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Thanks Kenn. It is a honor to be in fstoppers. Have a nice weekend!

Mcnally is my hero.

What a sweet video. Lighthearted and fun.

i like the BTS video, i like his images, but i really don't think he's giving the camera a workout...most people who buy the d4 are going to be journalists, and sports photogs, and i'm sure other types of pros, but showing off images that are prob not shot above iso 800 (the circus stuff, and the jazz portraits), isn't really spectacular....my d7000 can shoot those studio images and produce basically the same quality files...show us some stuff at iso 51,000, and then i'll be happy :-)...but i still cant afford the camera!! haha

Always nice to watch BTS from these guys!

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I was narrating aloud when the elephant walked around. He looked so aloof. It was adorable.

That's really really cool

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I find the images produced very original and eye-catching, but I don't believe in promoting circus animals. The elephant and the horse were TOO relaxed about having there pictures taken with the strobes firing. Whilst I know that some Asian elephants do not have tusks, I am always cautious when I see an elephant without them. Without sounding like a tree-hugger I believe people need to consider what actually happens to these animals before they're too happy to pay money to see them perform. Feel free to disagree but before you do read more from PETA - http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-in-entertainment/circuses.aspx

nice pics but animals should be no circus attractions - i therefore connot support your project. sry

Joe is a master of light. Great images. 

Really nice to see some thoughtful, high quality BTS and final shots.....  ps  McNally should be shooting the US Olympic Team !!