October is Fstoppers Mirrorless Camera Month

October is Fstoppers Mirrorless Camera Month

Mirrorless cameras, also known as ILC (interchangeable lens compact), are here to stay. What was once a small, experimental segment of the market has ballooned into the fastest growing camera style over the past two years. At first only available from the market pioneers Olympus and Panasonic, now nearly every camera brand has jumped on the ILC bandwagon. Even Hasselblad wants a piece of the action. You've probably been considering picking one up yourself, so Fstoppers and Lowepro are here to make that decision easier. Welcome to Mirrorless Month. (Updated: Thanks for the correction readers, Panasonic did predate Sony.)

Over the next 31 days, including special coverage of the New York PhotoPlus Expo, Fstoppers and Lowepro will be bringing you product reviews for every major mirrorless camera on the market. We've had our hands full taking every camera through it's paces, from the Leica M and the Canon EOS M to the Pentax Q and the Ricoh GXR, plus Panasonic, Fuji, Samsung, Nikon and more. We'll take a look at some of the best options for optics, stabilization, and transport for after you've made your mirrorless decision. Through the PhotoPlus Expo, we'll have our eyes peeled for the latest and greatest portable options that will compliment your new camera body.

At the end of the month we'll crown what we select as the overall Fstoppers Best 2012 Mirrorless Camera Award alongside a poll that runs the last week of October for your Fstoppers Reader's Choice Award: Best 2012 Mirrorless Camera.

We've got all this coming your way in addition to bringing you the biggest and best photography and videography news and behind the scenes videos from across the net.

Continue to check back to this post for an amalgamation of all articles related to Mirrorless Month. We'll list them below for quick and easy access to the month's ILC stories.

Review: The Leica M9


Get ready Fstoppers- This is going to be one heck of a month, and you won't want to miss a day of it.

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Very much looking forward to this!

Tam Nguyen's picture

Anybody gonna be in NYC during the PDN expo week to hang out?

"...market pioneers Olympus and Sony,"  - this should be corrected to "Olympus and Panasonic", in fact the first camera was the Panasonic G1. Sony jumped on the bandwagon roughly as the same time as Samsung almost a year later than Panasonic and Olympus

**Spoiler Alert** Hands-down best mirrorless camera of 2012: Olympus EM-5.