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Canon Cloud Service Loses Customer Images

Canon has posted an update concerning a recent issue with its cloud service. Canon has confirmed that some of the photo and video image files saved to its cloud service were lost.

The service was shut down on July 30, 2020, when an issue involving the 10 GB long-term storage on was discovered. After resolving the issue on August 4, 2020, the service was resumed.

I use cloud services, but I always use them as an additional resource and not as a primary storage means. A "cloud service" is not anything special; it's merely someone else's computer (server), and hardware and software malfunctions can and do still occur.

Cloud services can be a convenient way to transfer images to other people or get them to your editing device. However, these services should not be used as a single storage means to free up space on a memory card. Files can be corrupted during transfer and/or lost, as we have seen in this recent issue.

Here is a screenshot of the notice as of the writing of this article:

Screenshot of on August 4, 2020
My personal practice is that I do not format my memory card until I have transferred my images to at least two separate drives. One of those drives immediately syncs to my Dropbox account, which then syncs to a third drive on a different computer. By the time I format the card, the images are in four locations, one being a cloud service in case my house burns down.
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Ivan Lantsov's picture

cloud is comptr you not own. very bad idea!

Timothy Roper's picture

The "cloud" is just thousands of 3.5in HDDs in different warehouses around the world. Better just to have your own 3.5in HDDs at home. They're your photos, and why not care for them yourself?

Uri Raz's picture

If you keep all the copies at home, you might lose them in case of earthquake, fire, theft, etc. Best practice is to have two backups, one of them off site.

Stig Nygaard's picture


Bruce Grant's picture

Shouldn't they have at least 1 backup? What happened to that?

Stephen Strangways's picture

A backup would more than double what it costs them to run their free service, so it's not likely they'd want to do that. Sometimes you very much get what you pay for.

Mike Dixon's picture

You would think they would have a backup, and with having the thumbnails one would assume they received the full files and should have been able to back them up.

davidlovephotog's picture

Apparently Canon is really heated over this and that sucks cause their cool down period could be a long time.

Mike Dixon's picture

LOL - That's a good one!