Celebrating World Photography Day Across the World Through Diptychs That Bring Us Together

Celebrating World Photography Day Across the World Through Diptychs That Bring Us Together

Today is the annual World Photography Day, and what better way to celebrate the diversity of artists all over the world? Take a look at these diptychs that have captured similar scenes with vast differences from photographers who are worlds apart!

World Photography Day celebrates all the reasons why we feel the inkling of picking up that camera of ours and documenting the world all around us. Without this one crucial component bringing us together, it's likely that none of our readers and writers would have met, in person or online,  or had that much in common! Going as far back as 1837, World Photography Day originates from the invention of Daguerreotype, which is a photographic process developed by Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce in France. However, why is it exactly August 19 to celebrate? That's because this date commemorates the day French government purchased the patent for this photographic process and "announced the invention as a gift "free to the world"".

To mark this very special day, photography app and community VSCO created a brief project through which the global reach of photography is celebrated. VSCO editors chose to curate moments that display the unexpected similarities, as well as nuanced differences, of people's lives around the world. It is incredible when you realize how photography is pursued, shared, and enjoyed globally by people of all ages and backgrounds, and yet we also share similarities in moments we recognize and decide to document around us. 

In the order they are displayed, these diptychs have been created by the following photographers: Jonathan King, Andy Goss, Josh Stansfield, David Hand, Soph, Jen Pollack Bianco, May Kohan, Evan Kinkel, Brittany Purlee, and Jordan Foy. To view more of these stories, visit VSCO Journal.

Dyptich of motorcycle riders

By Jonathan King (left) and Andy Goss (right)

Diptych of two bus shelters

By Josh Stansfield (left) and David Hand (right)

A diptych of camels and elephants

By Soph (left) and Jen Pollack Bianco (right)

A diptych of a horse parade

By May Kohan (left) and Evan Kinkel (right)

A diptych of two people carrying their shopping bags

By Brittany Purlee (left) and Jordan Foy (right)

Undoubtedly, photography plays a key role to many people's lives and it's captivating to sit back for a moment and truly understand it. We all have different styles and we all do photography for different reasons, but at the end of it all, it's still something that brings us closer to people we otherwise would never have met or reached. How will you celebrate the World Photography Day?

All images used with the permission of VSCO.

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