Cool Use of Stop Motion Photography

You guys know me by now, right? I don't like shooting weddings, or bowls of fruit and definitely not maternity shoots. But when something is creative and unique I'm the last one to thumb my nose at it and that's why I had to share this little stop motion gem. Don't expect great lighting or dynamic photo techniques from this video, just appreciate the cleverness of this simple idea and the dedication it took to make this short video.

via [Dump] [DonRob]
From Kenn:
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Max Leitner's picture

this has nothing to do with BTS videos. I would rather see a box on the side that is a live feed styled box with the title "cool links" 

I feel like fstoppers is moving away from its original quality.

Kenn Tam's picture

True true Max.  But my function here at Fstoppers is to post things that are not BTS.  There is just too much goodness happening out there so Lee and Patrick brought me onboard to post about those things.  ;P

Fstoppers is not all about BTS don't know where you got that idea.. 
This video is not just its surface value  and if you are a true artist you can see beneath the general content, don't think " ohh great a chick had a baby.. so what"
This video is:
Inspirational, Unique and heart felt.

Photography isn't about pretty pictures, its about Emotion. Its not about "Oh wow, thats a great shot".. well what are the components that make it a so called "Great shot" If you think photography is just about still images you still have a long way to grow as a photographer, especially when others view it and admire it, find a way to grasp their feelings... Photography are images that tell a emotional story and this little time-lapse does it in a very special way.

and hell... I don't even want kids! lol

Challenge yourself to think not only outside the box, but whats on the other side of that. Try to be more inspirational, Unique and heartfelt with your photography...
A lifeless photo is just that .... doesn't matter what you shoot it with..
Who cares about Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc.
Photography is a tool that can be love and admired by many weather you use a toy camera, Point and shoot or a professional DSLR, however a tool is useless if you lack emotion and compassion for it.

Drives me crazy when people say "OMG thats a great shot, what kinda camera did you shoot it with, I wanna get one so I too can take beautiful shots like that"
Its not about your equipment,, its about your knowledge, your passion and your emotional connection to the subject and it to you.

Garrett Graham's picture

There was nothing wrong with was cute fun and creative...lighten up Max :-|

Kenn Tam's picture

Also, for anyone else who thinks Fstoppers is, "moving away from it's original quality", BTS are great but too many photographers out there think that if they have the money to buy gear and watch how others do it (via BTSV) that they too will be successful in the industry.  But I've been shooting 20 years now and  the truth is it's far more important to have a creative mind than to be able to reproduce someone else's lighting set up.  You should treasure these little bits of inspiration not scorn them.  :P

Mr. Nuyoka's picture

Very well put Kenn.

Thanks for sharing!
Someone had a cup too many of bitter punch.

Tobias N. Sasse's picture

Nice! Oh my god, she got pregnant from a balloon, BEWARE :D

eheh great stuff 
btw who is MAX ??

Max Leitner's picture

if you are seeking for inspiration go to gallery shows or attend a conceptual art school. and I am not implying that the video is not worth sharing. all I am mentioning is an idea to fit these (off topic) links into another feature on this website. (if you look at or you get all these cool videos about a week before they are posted here on f-stoppers) I would just like to see a different area on where such links a featured.  

I totally agree that it is about concept and idea and not about the gear you own. but rather then a shitty stop motion clip (shitty=production value) I would like to see documentaries from the underground. clips about street art, clips about what inspires artists etc. 

I am a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and as in of the concept Idea, I think that the contents you lean in an Artschool you wont be able to pick up otherwise.

Art student = Explains it all.

Max Leitner's picture

So you say art schools are bad? well sir look at my portfolio and you will son realize that i am not one of the artsy fags around here. anyway I believe you had a office job and all in a sudden picked up a 400 dollar camera and now call yourself a photographer?


That was very cute.


Bailey Visual's picture

I have been shooting for too many years to remember,  it is all about the vision and idea.  Camera and lighting and post are all there as tools don't forget that,  it's little gems like this that makes the world smile.

Great vid. instead of talking about it and bitchin, somebody had the vision, the idea, over 9 months, and, just did it.doers get further than talkers !!

If your out there Talk to me

Hey Kenn, Fantastic inspirational video. Thanks for posting. Keep them coming!

And with ukulele music, too! Thanks for posting this.

Pinky 5's picture

I loved this. What dedication and planning and beautiful execution. Feels perfect.

Wonderful. Unbeleivable dedication to the project.

Eric Fialkowski's picture

Being a father of 4, I commend the parents for having the follow through to do this. Awesome creativity and dedication to this.

Love it!

soooo that's how babies are made! ;)  This is super cute!! :)