Coronavirus Fears Prompt Cancellation of Major Photography Trade Show CP+

Coronavirus Fears Prompt Cancellation of Major Photography Trade Show CP+

This year’s CP+ trade show due to take place in Yokohama, Japan at the end of this month has been canceled due to fears surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus.

A statement issued via the event’s website explains that the organizers “have chosen to cancel CP+2020 because we put top priority on the health and safety of visitors and exhibitors.”

Given that the four-day event draws in crowds of more than 70,000 people, you can understand the organizers’ concerns. Prior to the cancellation, there were plans to install hand sanitizer dispensers at every entrance and ask those attending to wear face masks. It’s possible that visitors would have been reluctant to attend given that bacteria and viruses are easily spread through dense concentrations of people. Furthermore, if attendees are repeatedly picking up equipment and holding it to their faces straight after thousands of other people have done exactly the same thing, the chances of an infection being spread would be quite high, even with precautions being taken. 

Various other trade shows around the world have been canceled, including the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which would have drawn more than 100,000 visitors, including an estimated 6,000 from China.

The full statement from CIPA can be read here.

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Rohan Gillett's picture

It's a pity because I was hoping to go! Maybe next year then.

George Popescu's picture

Yup, the Olympics are next. The agenda works and is on track.

The agenda? I have some tinfoil and hat-making instructions to sell you.

George Popescu's picture

It's funny how naive people still are in 2020. Guess humans will never change.