Daredevil Couple Marry on a 'Spacenet' Suspended 400 Feet Above Canyon

Daredevil Couple Marry on a 'Spacenet' Suspended 400 Feet Above Canyon

One daredevil couple took things up a notch by getting married on a “spacenet” which hangs 400 feet in the air. The ceremony was captured by two adventure photographers in Moab, Utah.

The married couple, who are professional slackliners by trade, felt this was the perfect arrangement, having also met at a slackline festival. The pair had previously become engaged at the same spot.

If that wasn’t extreme enough for you, the couple even had a number of performers, including BASE jumpers in the place of traditional flower girls, as well as trapeze artists hanging from the space net.

Photography duo Abbi and Callen Hearnes were responsible for capturing the big day. They claim to “live in [their] van full time,” and travel the globe capturing daring couples across every kind of terrain. Peep some of the photos below to see how they documented the day from numerous perspectives.

Recalling the day, the groom, Ryan, posted on Instagram: “It was so fun to be able to take the traditional ceremony of marriage and turn it into something so completely ‘us,’ down to every last detail.”

The video below gives an insight into the daring feat with some aerial footage.

See more of the Hearnes’ photo work at their official website.

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And my knees get shaky when I stand on top of a chair...


My goodness, like to know the budget for this gig....?

I'm curious about the hazard pay and what the photographer's insurance company thinks of this. O.O

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