Elinchrom Releases the Skyport HS Trigger for Sony

Elinchrom Releases the Skyport HS Trigger for Sony

Canon and Nikon have been dominating the professional DSLR market for a while now. Photo accessories such as strobes triggers show that well. However, with the increasing popularity of Sony’s mirrorless cameras, flash manufacturers couldn’t stay with only “Canikon” options. Elinchrom apparently understood that with their Skyport HS and is releasing it’s Sony version today.

Advanced transmitters such as the Skyport HS require access to systems’ specific features such as TTL. Because camera companies cannot seem to use or create a standardized firmware or SDK, flash manufacturers like Elinchrom have to build a radio triggers for every brand.

After releasing the Canon and Nikon versions first, Elinchrom had announced other Skyport HS would follow. Today, it is finally true with the release of the Skyport HS for Sony. Another trigger for micro 4/3 cameras should be coming later down the road, but no timeframe was given yet.

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I find this announcement very exciting. Not only will it open new opportunities for Sony users through Hi-Sync, but it is also proof that companies like Elinchrom actually listen to photographers and their needs. While it’s still complicated to please everyone, this is a good start.

Pricing and features are the same as the Canon and Nikon versions. Meaning it will cost you $249.95 to upgrade your aging Skyport and have access to the cool features that are Hi-Sync, the auto-modeling light on/off, the laser AF assist and the LCD.

The unit is compatible with most current Sony cameras as you can see in the compatibility table below.

I haven’t had a chance to test the Sony version just yet, as I don’t own a Sony camera. However, the guys at Elinchrom told me that it worked as well as, if not better, than Canon/Nikon when it comes down to Hi-Sync results. The only issue that was noticed—which is indicated in the above chart—, is a slight delay when using the a7II. Apparently, the firmware delays flash sync (not just Elinchrom’s, but every flash). This is a known issue and, hopefully, should be fixed very soon by Sony! So if you shoot with an a7II and treat yourself to a Skyport HS, no need to scream at Elinchrom just yet if you encounter flash sync delays.

If you are still debating whether to upgrade your current flash trigger, be sure to read our reviews of both the Skyport HS and Skyport Plus. For more information about the Skyport HS, head over to Elinchrom's website.

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Why don't they just put a roof on that thing? For a moment I thought I was looking at some medium-format camera. There's gotta be a way to make those things smaller.