Elinchrom Announces the Skyport Plus

Elinchrom Announces the Skyport Plus

After the successful release of the Skyport Transmitter Plus HS that brought Hi-Sync capabilities to the Elinchrom lineup, the Swiss flash manufacturer now introduces the new Skyport Plus System. While many thought the Skyport Plus HS was the replacement of the old Skyport, it was not. The transmitter announced today is the real replacement.

Two new products come to supplement the Elinchrom Skyport Plus system. One is a transmitter, and the other a receiver. Both are compact, robust, and ergonomically designed. Gone is the annoying battery you could never figure out which was the right one when buying a new one. The two new Elinchrom radio devices use AA batteries. The range of use is similar to that of the Skyport HS, 656 feet. The speed mode is also available for both products, making sync with leaf shutter possible. Both products will also work on eight individual frequencies (sixteen if you count eight for the speed mode and eight for the normal mode) and can be used in groups (up to four).

The transmitter is compatible with almost every camera and offers a swivel function for optimum orientation. Meaning you can make it stick off the top of your camera, like the old PocketWizard Plus that used to be the industry standard, or keep it flat like most recent transmitters. It will also be able to control the power of any Skyport enabled Elinchrom flash unit.

The receiver will trigger almost every flash system using the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm sync cord (6.35mm adapter included). The included hot shoe will also allow for easy setup and trigger of a hot shoe flash, without the need for a PC or 3.5mm cable to sync everything together.

The EL-Skyport Receiver Plus is also compatible with the Skyport Plus HS for both triggering and sync in Hi-Sync mode. In its press release, Elinchrom mentions that “most Speedlights set at full power can also be incorporated into Hi-Sync applications (using high shutter sync speeds to freeze motion and control ambient light).” In theory, that means you should be able to use Hi-Sync with virtually any brand of strobe, as long as the flash duration is long enough. But that last part is pure speculation from me and remains something to test out.

The transmitter will be available for $89.99, the receiver for $99.99. They will also be offered as a kit for $139.99.

Along with the release of these two brand new products, Elinchrom also updated and simplified the kits they offer. For those in the market for a portable flash unit, the ELB400 kits are delivered in a solid, and well-designed bag, instead of the very unpractical hard shell case. The ELB400 kits also come with a 7” Quadra reflector instead of the 5.3” standard reflection.


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Al Koenig's picture

An overdue but welcomed addition to the product line. Now the decision is whether to use the old Skyport to trigger my Sekonic 478DR light meter or bite the bullet for the new 478DR-EL meter as well...this is going to cost me money either way...*sigh*...

Paul Lindqvist's picture

It's fairly cheap system, the 478DR-EL is well worth the money. I'm more prone to change the power settings from the meter then i am from the transmitter.

Jacob Gibbins's picture

If I was to get a Plus HS would that work with these new receivers on my speed lights?

rejeanbrandt's picture

The article says that they will

Vegard Breie's picture

As long as the flash duration is long enough, I guess u can even do high speed stuff!
These new babies adds nice to why I love Elinc. Good products without being overly fancy, but way better price than the pro, bron etc stuff! :)

Joel Forsman's picture

So will this work with D-lites?

Paul Lindqvist's picture

The current D-lites all have skyport built within so they will work, unit with no built in skyport can be controlled either with the receiver or with a RX receiver.

In short thew new trigger/receiver will support all Elinchrom units.