Is Facebook Becoming a Virtual Reality Experience?

Is Facebook Becoming a Virtual Reality Experience?

Have you ever thought about Facebook as a 3D experience? Engadget reports that at the mostly-annual F8 conference, which showcases what the social media giant has in store for the future, announcers introduced a new way users will be able to capture their images in 3D and also experience past images in a virtual reality setting.

Facebook users are often guessing what new features will be brought out to enhance the site's user experience, but would you have guessed that you might get the opportunity to look through old photos of yours and let Facebook recreate your childhood home in virtual reality through machine learning? Zuckerberg announced in his opening speech for the F8 conference that bringing people together is the primary focus for the future of Facebook, as well as Instagram, and as such the focus is placed on the interaction between people.

The recreated environment, "giving the appearance of a Pointillism painting," will also allow users to invite their friends and family to join in and experience it. The artificial intelligence and machine learning will fill in the missing gaps to create a complete virtual reality environment. Would you want to immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the past in this manner if the result did justice to the recreated reality of your past?

If you want to leave the past in your memories rather than revisit it, the simpler option of posting on your news feed in a 3D format will let you showcase your virtual creations, giving individuals and businesses a new way of engaging with potential customers online. Would you add this to your marketing strategy?

Albeit the announcements to make virtual reality more mainstream through social media could give as a new way to connect with others, it also coincides with Facebook pushing for virtual reality Oculus Go headset sales, which go hand in hand. 

Can you see virtual reality becoming a major part in your social media experience?

Lead image by Samuel Zeller via Unsplash.

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I wonder what they want to steal now.

Don't think there's much left to steal these days, is it haha.

Not thanks to Cambridge Analytica... and facebook... and twitter.... and I'm sure many, many others that have been, and have yet to come.

Why would I want a virtual reality advertising experience? Which, let's be honest, is what Facebook will REALLY turn this into: New way to serve you more advertisements.

I could just go outside and look at billboards. Or go on Facebook.... but who really does THAT anymore? :P

Why there are any examples of these 3d or VR images here? What do they mean about 3d images? The things like this??
Hope not :)