Flickr Continues to Reinvent Its Interface With Big Changes to Galleries

Flickr is continuing in its bid to stay relevant among its prevailing peers, this week rolling out a new photo gallery design that it says will “tell your visual stories with new tools to facilitate your creativity.”

Announcing the innovation, the company stated:

Flickr’s galleries have long been one of the tools available to our community for visual storytelling, though they have gotten dusty over time as the rest of the site progresses.

The change was inspired by contemporary screen sizes and resolutions, now exhibiting photos and videos as part of a much larger layout. It’s the next in a series of changes the photo-hosting platform has undergone in recent memory. Earlier this year, we reported how Flickr had been acquired by Smugmug.

One of the most significant changes in the new redesign is the allowance of up to 500 images per gallery, up tenfold on the previous maximum of 50. That’s not all: the galleries list page has had a shake-up and now displays a triptych of photos (the cover photo, plus the two most recent images). Each card displays some gallery metadata.

The company claim the move will also help to “share galleries outside of Flickr” thanks to a “share sheet that will improve the presentation of your galleries on other social networks.”

Check out the Flickr galleries page to see the changes in effect.

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Musing Eye's picture

A yahoo email isn't required (I use a gmail account) but for now it's still through their auth system.

dale clark's picture

Flickr is dead

Penny Fan's picture

Flickr is still my photo library, but it is not friendly to Chrome browser and I still can't find solution.

Musing Eye's picture

I use Chrome pretty much exclusively and haven't had trouble with Flickr (including with the couple of extensions on Chrome I use for pop-up blocking and such). What kind of problems have you run into?