Fox News Fails at Photoshopping Fake News

Fox News Fails at Photoshopping Fake News

Fox News has been accused of deliberately manipulating photographs in order to mislead its audience during its coverage of the ongoing Black Lives Matters protests.

The controversy was first picked up by the Seattle Times, noting that composited images were used as part of the network’s reporting on the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), a part of Seattle that has ceded to protesters who are campaigning for justice following the death of George Floyd.

Two of the photographs that appeared on the Fox News homepage featured the same man wielding an automatic rifle and wearing a green mask. One of the photographs showed an Old Navy store sign despite there not being an Old Navy store inside the CHAZ. The image is three different photographs composited together.

If the mixed light sources were not already confusing, one of the images showed the masked gunman missing part of his left arm.

Another photograph illustrating the article that reported that “armed guards patrol anarchists ‘autonomous zone’” and showed a man running through a burning scene. This photograph was taken in Minnesota several weeks ago and long before the autonomous zone was established.

Following inquiries from the Seattle Times, Fox News removed the images from the article and issued an apology. "Fox News regrets these errors," the website states.

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Andy Day is a British photographer and writer living in France. He began photographing parkour in 2003 and has been doing weird things in the city and elsewhere ever since. He's addicted to climbing and owns a fairly useless dog. He has an MA in Sociology & Photography which often makes him ponder what all of this really means.

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Oh I look forward to all the Trump Bots commenting on this subject! #Triggered

I’m assuming you’re a bot to. You post no photographs so I guess you’re on here too “butt in”. This particular website is for photographers mostly. You would have more credibility with if you told me something about yourself. Bottom feeders are always easy to spot. Always on the bottom looking up.


Congratulations for winning the Trump Idiot Award 🥇 🥳

Sarcasm noted. Interesting you have not photos here and no face photo. This site is mostly for Photographer and video folk. Maybe your a bot? #peace

#breakingnews: There’s a profession called « photojournalism ». Note the word « photo » in it. News outlets have editors and their handling of original content matter ... not only from an ethical or political standpoint but also from a copyright and legal standpoint. Just as much as the handling of content of your portraits clients.

I noticed on your profile that the only photo of the BLM movement you posted is a silly sign that asks « white » photographers to be think about their motives for shooting the protests.

If that’s your only takeaway of the movement then really there’s no surprise as to why you’re #triggered.

Perhaps review your reasons for supporting someone like Trump who treats democratic principles with his feet. And ask yourself how great it would be to one day wake up in an Autocratic society. Because the US is getting dangerously close to being just that.


your mind reading skills are notable. Contempt prior to investigation results in ignorance. #peace

Educate me then Studio 403...

Tell me how “other news agencies” create #fakenews because they’re #nevertrumpers and tell me how fox news ignoring and manipulating facts to suit their message is the honest truth?

Go on... And while you are at it; how does a president that peddles dangerous conspiracies like Qanon help you remain a free citizen.

And finally - how does manipulating images not belong on a photography site.

You win the debate Les. Have a good life, A good finish for your victory is a good taste of Kentucky Bourbon, Wild Turkey I suggest.

Yuck would never drink any American liquor. Much prefer Russian, French, Irish or Scottish.

You just lost it because your favourite tabloid is increasingly unmasked as being a propaganda channel for the far right.

After all, it was founded in the wake of Nixon resigning to ensure that a future Nixon will not be taken down by the media. They’ve achieved their objectives.

It just means that America has lost its moral leadership in the world, America can no longer claim to be leader of the free world. America has just become a raw Superpower.

Congratulations Fox & Friends. Thanks 🙏 Donald.

Official apology from Fox News:

Editor’s Note: A home page photo collage which originally accompanied this story included multiple scenes from Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” and of wreckage following recent riots. The collage did not clearly delineate between these images, and has since been replaced. In addition, a recent slideshow depicting scenes from Seattle mistakenly included a picture from St. Paul, Minnesota. Fox News regrets these errors.”

It’s very refreshing to see fox apologize For their mistake.

It would be even more refreshing if other major networks and newspapers would follow suit.

You'll never see other "networks" do the same. Instead they usually double down when caught.

"Instead they usually double down when caught."

Prove it.

News outlets, both television and print/web release retractions all the time. That's a incredibly easy thing to google and see that "never" is categorically false.

Hell, a ton a fringe publications actively depend on those retractions in order to "prove" that the mainstream outlets are "fake."

wait, they apologized claiming it was a "collage" and that, to you, is believable? Jesus.

I wonder if they make up the excuses in advance.

You know what would be even more "refreshing"?

Maybe if they stopped photoshopping to create their fake news and told the truth for once.

> It’s very refreshing to see fox apologize For their mistake.

The digitally altered images are inline with other lies that being spread by the network about what's going on in Seattle. Very unlikely that it wasn't intentional; obviously, they have an agenda --

I know it's hard for supporters of that agenda to acknowledge -- but the network regularly, egregiously spreads misinformation in a coordinated effort to achieve their goals. It is significantly more biased towards its agenda than other networks (which carry their own biases to a lesser degree)

I say this as a moderate who has no particular feelings in one direction or the other when it comes to these protests.

Almost everyone I know claims to be moderate, seeing themselves as the reasonable one in the room. Just an observation I've made over the years and not directed at you, who I don't know.

Yeah, right, it was an unfortunate mistake, are you really so naive? Haha!

Your bias is notable, lol. One thing I noticed, an eagle has two wings, One left, and one right. I like the balance. Fstoppers knows how to get eyeballs on this site, great marketing.

Bias ... isn’t that the value system for Murdoch news outlets?

multiple images, at least three, very poorly patched together and passed off as "truth"?

the apology, like fox fairy tales, is a complete and utter lie.

it took time and forethought to piece together (albeit pathetically) a visual lie . . . there was no accident, nor mistake.

it is/was bs propaganda from a racist organization.

In all honesty was Fox ever a credible news source? This was obviously done intentionally to feed propaganda to their audience that primarily consists of the elderly at this point. Most news sources are biased but Fox is right wing propaganda, Democrats are evil and Republicans are good in literally every thing they post.

The fact that they have to photoshop pictures to fit their false narrative speaks volumes...none of it good. Talk about "fake news"!

Sure. All news sources used to be credible when there was a clear delineation between actual news and opinion pieces. That line started to get blurred at some point and now we have visibly biased anchors airing out their personal opinions alongside actual news stories, which creates a lot of confusion. To be fair, this isn't a FOX-only problem. There are few sources left that just stick to reporting the facts and omit their personal commentary.

I did mention most news sources are biased, almost any news article I read there is enough opinion thrown in that you can tell what political side they align with. It's hard to find just the facts these days.

You do realise that Op-Ed’s where really the only place opinions could be voiced prior to the internet and Fstoppers comment section?


Go back to bed then

I believe if they used Microsoft Paint® it wouldn't have been as obvious....just saying....


If they had used ACTUAL paint it wouldn't have been as obvious lol.

intellectual capacity or rightists? don't think they are allowed paint . . . maybe they could have done it with crayons though.

I’m curious if you’d ever say “I come to Fox News for the joy of learning about the world and current events. I keep seeing more and more fake photos of things that aren’t real or truthful which seem designed to force a political agenda on people that isn’t actually supported by facts, because if were then real photos would do the trick. I think the guys that run this organization should put a stop to this sh&t.” Because if not, GTFOOH.

when a media outlet publishes an out and out lie and tries to pass off their racism as "news" that IS about photography. There are hundreds of thousands of honest media people on this planet who are being painted with a false brush . . . all because a group of racists (fox and zoo) want to lie. No. They have shown that they truly have no right to exist. Their licence should be stripped from them yesterday.

And you think it's the first time news network did that? Lol, Reuters have been doing it in the Mid East for years now.

more fabrications motti??? Reuters has a "rule" book that would make your tiny intellect swim. They are very rigid about the quality of what they tack their name to. Yes, errors creep in, but rarely fabricated ones from ignorant know-it-alls

"Reuters have been doing it in the Mid East for years now."

[citation needed]

I’m a bit confused. Where you trying to say Mid Eighties and then changed your mind Mid sentenced and changed it into the Middle East forgetting to change the Grammar? Or did you always want to write “Middle East” and just forgot your Grammar mid sentence because you’re fuming 😤 with rage because someone criticised your favourite news channel. Or maybe you’re just really dumb and cannot differentiate between lies and point of views.


Google Adnan Hajj. It's one of a few "journalists"

I don't come here for controversy, I come to learn about equipment, techniques and to be inspired by the work of others. While I understand this story is photo related it also set off this conversation which I can find virtually anyplace else on the internet. Please... can we have a place to come for escape from the insanity of the world! If a story is likely to be as described below as a "trigger" can't it just be ignored?

I have to ask, when images of kids in cages that were being detained during the Obama administration were being sold as happening during the Trump administration, did F Stoppers run an article about it? If so, I'm impressed, if not, I'm not surprised.

I only bring this up because since I've been a member, there is a very pronounced political leaning here. My preference would be to leave the politics elsewhere. This veiled agenda using a photograph to justify posting a purely political article is not in line with the intent of this place.

So a news organisation goes against the established norms for reporting news through using manipulated pictures. Which is something that negatively impacts how photographers are viewed. But all of a sudden a bunch of photographers feel its wrong for a photography site to report on it....

Exactly. Somehow many of them go with the wannabe neutral "I don't come on this site for this". Well, then the good news is that you just have to not click on the title if it tells you it's not something you come for, and just go to the next news.

Or did they actually mean "You hurt my feelings by reporting something that goes against my political views"?

So, did this article make you a better photographer? A better image post processor? Please explain how this article makes us all better photographers.

Why must ALL the articles on this website be related to making people a better photographer or image processor?
Fstoppers has always published a mix of tutorials, equipment-software tests, and any photography related article in broad manner. On Fstoppers there must be 10 articles that would "make you better photographer" for every article related to photography in a broader sense.

I am pretty sure you came across many articles like the impact of Instagram, which pushes people to queue for hours at the same spot to get the same shot. Just an example among others but I guess it didn't make you a better photographer either.

There are many articles and topics on Fstoppers that don't interest me, and I never felt the need to drop a "I don't come on this site for this" comment on any of these. Who cares?

The main point of my previous message, since you didn't get it, is:
You are not forced to click on news to read if the very explicit title tells you, "Dude, you won't get a better photographer by reading this".

And yet, not only you clicked on that article you didn't want to read, but you commented twice, on two different days.

You seem to be a grown man, able to make his own decision. Please explain who/what forced you to click on an article that doesn't interest you and lose time with it.

You've done a nice job typing several lines and not answering my question. I made my initial comment about the Obama pictures to prove a point that this site has a definite political lean. That's fine, but if they're going to lean one way, admit it and move along.

Or, see if the authors can find articles that lean the other way if they want to be on an even keel. It's really not that difficult.

Instagram? I rarely go there, but amongst all the photographers there, I'll bet that there's a few that are better than you and that you could learn something from them. Heaven knows I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to photography. Instagram is a main stay with a LOT of photographers, so FS putting up an article about IG is a good thing.

Rumors? It's speculative news about our industry. It happens with cars, boats, airplanes, etc, etc. It's part of the lexicon.

Anyway, we'll agree to disagree on this one.

No, but neither does rumors about new camera models - but I don´t complain about them for that. Its part of the general topic "photography."

Heck, if I were to spend time slagging every single post about stuff that is not personally relevant to me but still under the broad topic photography - then I would have no more free time and certainly no more enjoyment.

But in respect of your reply - I took 20 seconds to do some something I never did before. Check out what Fstoppers say about this site - what is it about.

"Fstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals. Started in 2010 by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris, Fstoppers has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news. "

"Industry news "- this certainly falls under that heading.

The main image on FoxNews website is almost ALWAYS a collage of some sort and it's usually completely obvious. This one wasn't and admittedly I was fooled by it as well. I am satisfied with their explanation and apology.

So they literally Photoshopped in, an armed militia man, into a place he didn't exist... and you're satisfied it was a mistake??

When's the last time you **accidentally** 'shopped someone into an image? Maybe never, like the rest of us?

The apology should be for doing it deliberately, no one mistakenly adds a soldier to an image and claims it was an accident, believably.

Michael K.

No other news network would of allow one of their employee’s to do this and get away with it,
Obama years were the truth and that’s a lies, cover ups, bribes and we flourished as a nation.
“- Mr. Rate: The world is not always as it seems, is it son?

"Automatic Rifle".... lol another person clueless about guns pretending to know what they are talking about... Cool.

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