"The Fro" Gets Stopped at Six Flags for Wearing Photo-Related T-Shirt

At some point or another we've all been heckled by the man for our photography but this is taking it to an extreme. Turns out photography based t-shirts aren't even safe. Jared Polin, of Fro Knows Photo recently had a run-in at a Six Flags amusement park because of his signature "I SHOOT RAW" t-shirt.

In the original story (from his Raw Talk podcast) Jared describes being stopped by security just inside the gates where security personal and supervisors demanded he wear another shirt. In the video, shot on his iPhone, The Fro tries to coax the security personnel into explaining what exactly is inappropriate about his shirt only to get vague answers involving the shirt's potential for a double-meaning. The situation finally resolves with Jared being forced to purchase another shirt (he opted for a women's shirt that read: VIP, Very Important Princess) as seen below.


Ironically enough Jared's shirt wasn't the only one with potential double meanings, below are three of his favorite offenders.


After the fact, Jared was tweeted to by Six Flags thanking him for his understanding and cooperation.


[Via Jared Polin @ Fro Knows Photo]

For pro-tips on avoiding trouble with the fuzz, check out John Schell's article: How to Shoot in a Big City and Not Get Hasseled by The Man.


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Noam Galai's picture

Security can be so stupid sometimes. They should focus on some more important things...

I'm actually surprised at your attitude. If you are not a photographer or hobbyist..whatever, how in the world does a T-Shirt like that make sense?

He could have been much more professional in explaining the shirt and the context in which the message it is meant.

It's a classic example of the sense of entitlement the idiots in the country have now...where whatever they want to do or say should be tolerated by others without question.

They should have thrown him out for being a dick, not for the shirt.

Daniel Pryce's picture

He was probably upset, like many people would be. I get why they stopped him for the shirt, but honestly its only sexual if you make it sexual.

It's not the sexual aspect I suspect they had an issue with. I think it was the SHOOT.

Thank you Jr Miller!!!

Noam Galai's picture

So... if I came with my basketball shirt that says "SHOOT THE BALL" i would get kicked out as well? that's.... so stupid.

That's the silliest example you could have given. I think that's the furthest away from "I Shoot RAW" as can be.

The issue isn't so much the t-shirt as much as his adolescent way of handling the security people. Someone with an ounce of professionalism could have gotten past all that mess with a simple, calm explanation.

Not sure if you watched the video but it was a very calm explanation and question what is inappropriate which went un answered. But it doesn't much matter now, it's out in the world for people to discuss.

Yes, I watched it.

Generally I like your YT videos despite the fact that you clearly love the sound of your own voice. What that video showed was a man/child annoyed that someone "dared" to take issue with him and his shirt.

It's obvious that mental dexterity was not those security personnel's strong suit but you could have taken a much higher road. Especially since you were filming it.

Actually, I have one of those t-shirts which I'll now put in the Salvation Army donation box.

Noam Galai's picture

If they banned his shirt for using the word SHOOT, because it's implying he will shoot people - it's a great analogy/example.
If they banned his shirt because of some sexual innuendos - they should 1. ban their own merchandise/signs 2. focus on some more serious threats. 3. explain their decision.

And you think the way he handled it would have achieved any of those 3 objectives?

Noam Galai's picture

Im sure he could have handled the situation better, but in his defense I have to say they didnt do a good job on their side as well, which made it a bit difficult (and very annoying).
As a family friendly and fun park, they should treat their guests that way - Jared is not a terrorist or a criminal - he was just wearing a photography shirt. If they dont like it, it's their problem. At least explain why you make him undress.

Jason Weiss's picture

I think that's very presumptive of you. You have no idea how security would have handled anyone else, regardless of professionalism, in that situation.

that is a good analogy.

Or....or just maybe it was your general attitude. I would have thrown you out too, but not because of the shirt.

Or... you're just a git who likes to argue about pablum

Chris Blair's picture

Oh, never even thought about the "Shoot" part, funny how we just assume it was the sexual innuendo they had a problem with.

Ole Fredrik Nydal's picture

Emm, what was so hard to understand about what he said? Are you retarded?
He said it´s a photography t-shirt. It´s a photography term and showed them his company name on the back.

I mean yeah you might misunderstand what "I shoot raw" means. And it includes the word "shoot". Ok ok but didn't this happen in a country where children are allowed to play around with guns and rifles? What the heck?

And who says that photographers think everything they do should be tolerated? It's just a freakin' shirt dude!

you are an idiot sir....

A. Who needs to understand YOUR shirt. B. He explained it very very professional to begin with. I don't think he was being at dick at all. They couldn't even explain to him WHY they thought it was inappropriate.

This is one of the most stupid situations I've seen. I completely agree with Jared, if that happened to me, I do not know if I had the patience for the security guards as Jared had.

Okay, and then what would you have done after you lost your patience? Lol

well, i see a major problem.... VERTICAL VIDEO!!! But yeah, that's ridiculous that they wouldn't allow the shirt!

Andrew Barros's picture

I've been waiting to get to stopped for a shirt that i have with an image of an old camera on it and it reads "I Shoot People."

I saw someone at Universal Studios over the weekend wearing a shirt just like that.

Edward Porter's picture

Not sure why everyone is against vulgarity censorship when it comes to children. I do realize it's a bit of a stretch to see the vulgarity in this shirt, but teachers at schools have made kids change their shirts for much less without parents freaking out about it. Just remember, even Marilyn Manson apologizes to parents if their children are exposed to his vulgarity: http://redd.it/y0hju

Please explain the 'vulgarity' in an 'I shoot raw' shirt.

chris smith's picture

c'mon.. do you really have to ask that? the i shoot "RAW" is a sexual play on words... to us photographers who understand camera formats, RAW is just that, a format, but to the other 99% of the population who don't understand the format, "i shoot raw" is a sexual innuendo.

Seriously? I never even came close to that conclusion. I assumed it was more a play on 'shoot' in a public place mainly populated by children, which Americans are understandably twitchy about.

I think you are clutching at straws, there.

Lee Christiansen's picture

Ha - I would have never thought that.

If the security staff think that so quickly it speaks more to their moral values than anyone else!

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