FS Weekly News #1: The Week's Best Photo/Video Related Stories

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I knew you of all people would get a kick out of that one. ;)

Ya that is disturbing.

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Hey guys, we've been working hard to bring you not only the best behind the scenes videos and inspiring videos on the web but now we are excited to share some other interesting photo related stories in our weekly newsletter. Please welcome Kenn Tam to the Fstoppers team! Feel free to give us your feedback and comments so we can make this weekly section something we all can enjoy.

Yes please tell us what your favorite news stories above are and we will make sure to post similar stuff in the future.

Don't comment all at once people! The servers can't take it!

I would use a super telephoto lens so I wouldn't have to hear him drowning. ;)

I like the new News section. The Lens Hero site is pretty slick. Keep up the great work.

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I have more chest hair than the photo depicts.

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Good stuff. If anyone does thedarkroom.com to develop, post your review of the experience and specifically, the scans. Sounds like a great deal!

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Maybe if one of our subscribers tried it out and sent me the results, it could make it in next weeks issue.

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Good job Kenn- love the layout but leaves me wanting more.... less links, more articles :) Source em out to all those people who have like only one idea a month for a blog post, so they never actually get around to blogging.
BTW Easter is now ruined for me forever.