Fstoppers Announces Another Picture Of The Day Contest! Win $100 For Your POTD

Fstoppers Announces Another Picture Of The Day Contest! Win $100 For Your POTD

Owing to the success of our April POTD Contest, where we received over 1000 awesome submissions from readers all over the world, we are happy to now announce the contest for the month of May. In order to have a shot at a gift certificate worth $100 to B&H Photo & Video, be sure to check out the full post for details about how to submit and what to submit.

The theme for the month of May will be TRANSPORTATION. Again, relatively simple. Cars, Planes, Trains, Horses (with rider, etc), Buggies, Boats, Bikes, Skateboards, if it moves someone or something, we want to see the picture. The picture must be related to the topic, if only in the abstract. Expensive car? Fair game. Shipping ports? Fair game. Fighter jets and the Budweiser Clydesdale team? You betcha.

Send a JPEG file, at least 800 pixels wide but no more than 2000 pixels wide (horizontal and square crops only please), that is an image of some form of transportation or somehow related to the theme of transportation, to mikek@fstoppers.com. Be sure to include:

Your name
Your website (if you want any sort of link to your work)
A few details about how you created the image and why. Doesn't have to be more than a few sentences, but should adequately convey the intention of the image, how it was shot, and any other details you think are relevant.

Remember that a good caption can tell so much more about an image, and your caption and remarks about the image will definitely weigh on the judges' decisionmaking.

Please note that submissions not following the above guidelines will not be considered for entry.

Small watermarks are acceptable, but please refrain from plastering enormous watermarks all over the image because you will have a link to your site in the text. You're allowed two entries per month, but be sure to submit them in the same email.

Also note that we aren't trying to showcase the most perfectly retouched image of a million dollar car lit with 16 lights. We're looking for the most interesting, evocative, and compelling images we can find from our readers. We want to see your craftsmanship and vision at work to create something that moves the viewer.

The deadline for entries is April 30th, 2013. Winners will be announced at the end of the month, and we'll write about who we chose and why, with special attention paid to the top five entries and the winner.

Keep your eyes peeled at the POTD feature over the next couple of weeks as we count down our best submissions from April's Portrait Contest. We'll announce the winner of the April contest on May 1st.

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Marc Kuyer's picture

The contest entries for the month May ends April 30th, is that correct?

Mike Kelley's picture

Yes, that is correct. We need to display the photos through the month of May so we have to get them all in by the end of April.

Are rides (like disney rides) considered transportation?

Just one entry or can we submit multiple ones?

Square or horizontal? That kills the photo I was going to submit :-(

Is there a place to see May's submissions?

Bugger, missed out on entering by a couple days. When is the next competition going to open?