Fujifilm Announces Repair Program for GFX100 Owners

Fujifilm Announces Repair Program for GFX100 Owners

Earlier this year, Fujifilm unleashed the GFX100 unto the world — with 100 megapixels, a sensor between full frame and 645, and... a problem with the shutter lock on the vertical grip for some users. Uh oh. No camera is perfect, not even the $10,000 GFX100, which is why some users are reporting that their side shutter release lock can become loose and no longer able to lock the camera's shutter (which is somewhat important). Thankfully, Fujifilm has identified the source of the problem and fixed it so this will no longer be an issue moving forward for new purchases — but if your serial number is affected you can contact your local Fujifilm repair center to have the locking mechanism examined and repaired for no cost. 

According to Fuji's press release the following serial numbers are affected by this particular snafu: 

92001001~92001975(excluding 92001830, 92001832, 92001833)93001001~93001034, 93001038, 93001039, 93001041, 9300104692A01001~92A0152592M01001~92M01027

If you do not know where you find your serial number, you can find it on the inside of the LCD. Apparently, some models were fixed before making it to stores so Fujifilm recommends that you check with their service center before sending your camera in. This is an extremely unfortunate situation for Fujifilm to be in, after all — this is their top-end model and any sort of production issue like this can really hurt the publics view of longevity and durability. Hopefully they don't have anything else like this pop up anytime soon.

Have you encountered this issue with your own camera? Or something similar? 

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