Fujifilm Offers a Range of Insights Into Their Plans

Fujifilm Offers a Range of Insights Into Their Plans

In a recent interview, Fujifilm offered some interesting insights into the company, its accomplishments, and the future of its cameras and lenses. 

DPReview conducted the interview at CP+ with some of Fujifilm's upper managers, and it includes some great tidbits:

  • 2022 was a good year for the company. Their core users in 2023 will be mostly enthusiasts, and as such, they expect their market to remain relatively stable. 
  • The decision to skip the very crowded and competitive full frame market and focus on APS-C and medium format has paid off well for the company and allowed them to focus on developing unique capabilities and brand identity. 
  • Dealers report the X Series' reputation has advanced, and it is now seen as a capable camera in just about every genre and application, including fast action.
  • The company would like to see the X-H2S make its ways into the hands of more top professionals to show their confidence in the camera. 
  • Video is very important to the company.
  • The GFX series has increased the size of the medium format market. 

I'm particularly pleased to see the success of the GFX series, as I would love to see medium format continue to grow. Head over the DPReview to read the full interview!

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Fuji really should consider creating their first full-frame camera, of this I am certain. A XV100 influenced alternative to the Leica Q2 and Sony RX1R ii would be highly compelling!

But see that's the thing they've been more successful without it sir it'd be nice but Fujifilm isn't going to release a full frame option that's why they have medium format cameras .

While it'd be cool there's no reason for them too

I am interested in purchasing a Voigtländer Nokton 23mm f/1.2 Aspherical for my Fujifilm X-T5 camera however I cannot find out if the electronic contacts provide telecommunications between the lens and my X-T5 body. Can anyone tell me which of the following if any are supported between this lens and my camera. EXIF information, focus check, and shooting distance interlocking display, certain models also support in-body image stabilization and parallax correction. I would ask Voigtlander directly but as they have no contact details on their website. In particular does it support the X-T5s IBIS?