A Good Old Fashion Photo Booth for You to Play With

Do you remember the joys of photo booths? Squeezing into that small box with your friends, drawing the curtain, inserting your coins and then being ambushed by the flash? If you were lucky you managed to compose yourself for the last frame. Well the fun's not over thanks to Photo Cabine. Why don't you give it a go and link your results in our forum?

I know there are other apps out there but I found this simple, free site to be fun and the results gave me that old fashion photo booth feel. You can instantly link, download, print, email, tweet or share your booth shots on Facebook. Give it a try at: www.thephotocabine.com. In the mean time here are the sample frames I took. Don't judge me. It was early morning and I had yet to be infuse with coffee so naturally I was not my usual gorgeous self.

Have some fun with this, post your booth shots here and be sure to leave your comments below.

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Kenn Tam's picture

That damn guy ruined hoodies for all of us. :P

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Van Diesel