Humans of New York's Brandon Stanton to Premiere TV Series - Watch the Trailer Here

I'm sure by now everyone reading this is familiar with the work of photographer and interviewer Brandon Stanton and his long-running project Humans of New York. His crisp, shallow depth of field portraits and poignant interviews have gained international attention since the project's start in 2010. For the last four years, Stanton has quietly been filming his interviews, saving the footage for "something special." Now, that special something has arrived, in the form of a video series which will premiere next week on Facebook's Watch platform

In a post on the Humans of New York Facebook page, Stanton says he's filmed over 1,200 interviews with the help of cinematographer Michael Crommett. The goal of filming the interviews was to create a video series which would further immerse audiences: Stanton says, "I always knew that video would provide the closest thing to ‘actually being there.'"

Aside from stating that the series will premiere "next week," there's precious little information to be found about the series' duration or content. Will it be a series of separate interviews, or a tying together of common themes as the trailer leads us to believe? Keep your eyes on HONY's Facebook page in the coming week, and you'll hopefully find out! 

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