Instagram Announces New 'Focus' Feature, Similar to Apple's Portrait Mode

Instagram Announces New 'Focus' Feature, Similar to Apple's Portrait Mode

Instagram has unveiled its latest feature — entitled "Focus" — similar in nature to what Apple currently offers with its portrait mode in the iPhone 7 and beyond. The difference is the feature will be available to those using an iPhone 6s or later.

TechCrunch first reported on rumors of the feature last month after discovering an icon in the Instagram application file for Android, entitled “portrait_shutter_icon.png.” Billed as yet another competitive feature against rival Snapchat, the feature is designed to let users take photos with the added “bokeh” effect created by using a shallow depth of field.

Upon updating the app, users will find the option for “Focus” appears alongside “Superzoom” underneath the record button. The feature appears to work only when taking portraits, refusing to comply if it can’t detect a face in shot. Taking a photo or video using Focus mode still permits users of the feature to add filters, stickers or text once you’ve finished recording.

Upon testing it out, the feature seems a little rusty. The “bokeh” effect seems more like a questionable Gaussian blur that’s been added in post-production, rather than the real deal created by using a prime lens.

Test it out and let us know what you think below. See the official announcement here.

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Carl Murray's picture

People use instagrams inbuilt camera to take photos?

Todd Boyer's picture

Great, more fake bokeh.