Jan von Holleben's Creative Use of Everyday Objects as Props

We've all seen and been inspired by the works of Jan von Holleben, with his trade mark "laying down" poses. In this latest series created for German newspaper ZEIT he is at it again but what strikes me is the clever use of everyday house hold objects to depict one's dreams.

-Jan von Holleben-
"I was a bit bored by redoing my Dreams of Flying images," he tells us, "but the more I worked on the layouts and ideas, the more excited I became. I started imagining generic dreams but soon decided to make it about a girl's full night of dreams. That was the key.

"I looked for a beautiful girl to work with who was not too model-like but instead was very natural, sweet and happy to try various things with me. It's never a normal photo shoot with my productions as we improvise a lot and try and play.

"Working on an editorial on dreams of a grown-up was something new and challenging. The images had to be much more complex, sophisticated and art directed. It turned out to be so much fun and even whilst shooting, we had more ideas. For example, the shot when she is 'shopping' or when she is 'driving the car' were totally improvised during the shoot. That was quite a revelation for anyone on set."

via [MyModern Met]
From Kenn:
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Robert Simpson's picture

Love love LOVE this kind of picture!

Lee Morris's picture

very cool!

Very nice!

Anonymous's picture

OK, how can you go wrong with a hot babe in a nightgown in bed?

romain VERNEDE's picture

when creativity doesn't need 10000000$

Robert Simpson's picture

.... :)

julien duret's picture

Nice, but close to this clip no?

Francesco Gregori's picture

you call it creativity, i call it plagiarism...

romain VERNEDE's picture

It's the same person behind the clip in both clip and pictures
As said in the short text in the head of the article, he was told to do this thing again:

-Jan von Holleben said

“I was a bit bored by redoing my Dreams of Flying images,”

(excuse my bad english)

Francesco Gregori's picture

you're wrong. not the same person. check out "her morning elegance" video credits here:

Eujin Hong's picture

Jan van Holleben's work pre-dates Oren Lavie's video by a few years--his Dreams of Flying book was published in 2006. Lavie's video was done in 2009.