LensCoat Shifts to Making Face Masks, Donating Them During Pandemic

LensCoat Shifts to Making Face Masks, Donating Them During Pandemic

We’ve seen camera companies step up to donate money and resources towards fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, and LensCoat is also joining in and doing what they do best to help stop the spread of the infectious disease.

“At LensCoat, we know how to sew patterns,” starts a post to their Instagram page. The New Jersey-based company, well-known for their camouflage print lens covers and other fabric-based camera accessories, is now using their skilled labor and in-house machinery to stitch together face masks which are in severe shortage.

Many of the face mask materials are being donated from working with a local group, then LensCoat is turning it around to create the masks and donating them to a local community hospital “which has been hit hard” as well as to first responders. LensCoat is headquartered in Freehold, New Jersey which is just south of the U.S. coronavirus epicenter of New York.

It’s really a perfect match for LensCoat to be able to create these masks when you think about what their product line consists of, and I’m happy to see that they have chosen to step up when needed. When this pandemic passes, I hope we remember those that helped when they could.

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A great news story. Big thumbs up. :-)

What a wonderful story.. Heart warming..

There are good people and needed work being done during this crisis. Thanks for your commitment.