Media Agency Reuters Banned from Olympic Opening Ceremony After Photo Leak

Media Agency Reuters Banned from Olympic Opening Ceremony After Photo Leak

Reporters and photographers associated with news and media agency Reuters have been banned from the Winter Olympics opening ceremony after images of the rehearsal were leaked through the company.

The ceremony, taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, next month, is subject to strict media embargoes. However, photos of the fire-lit Olympic cauldron situated in the Olympic Main Stadium have surfaced after Reuters filed the images. It is a violation to do so without permission, and both the International Olympic Committee and the Pyeongchang Organizing Committee objected to the pictures being in the public domain. Following their disapproval, Reuters subsequently removed the pictures.

In retaliation for breaking the embargo, the International Olympic Committee today released a statement to reveal they had taken the step of disapproving "the issuing of passes towards Reuters in reporting and photographing the opening ceremony.” It’s standard practice for outlets committing such violations to have their access revoked. The photographers responsible have seen further action, as their media accreditation for the games have been withdrawn entirely.

The reason images were taken despite knowledge of the embargo remains unclear. It’s believed Reuters will be allowed access to the games themselves, but will miss out on the opening ceremony.

Lead image credit: Braden Collum on Unsplash.

[via PetaPixel and Yonhap]

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We've heard of fake news and Photoshop fails. Now it appears we have an editor fail. WHY is a photo of a track and field relay runner being used to illustrate a story surrounding the WINTER Olympics?

John Skinner's picture

Olympic rules and standards are in a word... INSANE, when it comes to control and access. You are caught in a constant battle between placement for a given event, and making an image editors will use.

But anybody who's anybody would know there is no way of God's green earth you'd be able to release any venue images prior to the actual event. If they didn't know? They're too stupid to be there. If they did? Well, color outside the lines and get whacked.

No refund on those accommodations & tickets... just gather up and head home.