NASA Calls for ‘Social Media-Savvy’ Photographers to Take Pictures Inside World-Class Facility

NASA Calls for ‘Social Media-Savvy’ Photographers to Take Pictures Inside World-Class Facility

NASA has announced plans to bring nine “social media-savvy” photographers together this August to take and share photos from inside the facility in which its latest rockets and spacecrafts are being constructed, in a scheme the agency is calling “Photo #NASASocial.”

NASA’s deep space rocket, the Space Launch System, a crew vehicle, and the Orion spacecraft are among some of the projects that the lucky participants will be allowed to take images of. The event will take place at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in New Orleans, Louisiana, across August 16 and 17.

Detailing the brief, NASA said:

Participants at this event will be provided a unique in-person experience with NASA, which they are encouraged to share with others through their favorite photo-sharing social network. The goal of a Photo NASA Social is to allow people who regularly interact with each other via social networks to meet in person and capture a look at space exploration.

The final nine will be selected from online registrations, with others placed on a waiting list. The site specifies a “social media account” is required for anyone that is considering entering, although they are remaining coy about which platform is preferred (if any) and how many different social media pages are considered favorable. Although users must be “active” on social media, it’s unclear as to whether a substantial following is required for applicants to be successful.

Find all the details you need to enter right here. The deadline is by 11:59 p.m. EDT on July 24.

Lead image credit: Pixabay via Pexels, used under Creative Commons.

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warren cureton's picture

That would be cool to be apart of.

David Glazebrook's picture

US citizens only ... I was excited momentarily until reading the T&C's (yes I'm Australian)

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Social media savvy, or whatever applicant has the most followers? I guess they're almost the same thing. Unfortunately I'm already booked those days NASA, sorry. ;)
Honestly, a very cool opportunity.

Soooo, is NASA paying these people for the extra publicity and photographs this will generate for them, or are the "winners" working for the credits and extra followers on their accounts? There is nothing about copyright and usage fees on the NASA page.

This article springs to mind:

Or maybe I am just too old and cynical.

Peter Gargiulo's picture

My thoughts EXACTLY! A way to gain exposure and photos without any payment? If they built a new wing, would they hire a few plumbers to do their best work and post on social for nothing?

I think the issue is you're looking at it a bit short-sighted. As someone with a podcast, I see this as an opportunity for content to monetize.

David Love's picture

Correction: NASA seeks iphone users with bought likes to work for free.