New Hope for Nik Collection, DxO Acquires from Google

New Hope for Nik Collection, DxO Acquires from Google

For the past few years, the popular Nik Collection has had an interesting journey starting back in 2012 when Google originally acquired the photo editing plugin. Over the course, the collection has gone through a price drop and ultimately landed as a free download which made several photographers happy. Who doesn't like free stuff, and for free it was a pretty solid collection of plugins.

Jump forward to May 2017, news came that Google would no longer be developing the Nik Collection which came as a surprise and let down to many photographers who use it. As of today, the future of Nik Collection looks brighter as DxO announced their acquisition of the plugin collection from Google with plans for an update slated for mid-2018. DxO also has a few of their own photo softwares, so they are no stranger to the industry. 

The current lineup in the Nik Collection:

  • Analog Efex Pro
  • Color Efex Pro
  • Dfine
  • HDR Efex Pro
  • Sharpener Pro
  • Silver Efex Pro
  • Viveza

The current version of Nik Collection is still free and available for download after you submit your email address on the DxO website. If you would like to be informed when the new version will be released and stay up to date with their news, you can sign up to stay tuned. Besides finally getting an update, what else does the future hold for Nik Collection? Will it remain free or will a price tag come with the new version?

You can read the full press release here.

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Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Nice! Glad to hear this!

michael buehrle's picture

there will be a price tag for sure. they didn't buy it to give it away.

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

As long as they improve and make even better than it already is, I'm totally fine with paying for it. I'd rather see it improved than to just go away, ya know

Chad D's picture

they will put in 2000 ig filters and charge $349 or something silly ? kinda sad unless they realy make huge gains in performance

Mick Ryan's picture

Big fan of the colleciton. I don’t mind paying for it. Hopefully they will at least keep it compatible with CC updates.

I expect more focus on integrating it with their own processor, but hopefully they can keep the standalone and plugin versions afloat.

Peter Guyton's picture

Looks like they already have integrated "control points" into their raw processor. I imagine the filters will join later ?

This is good news for sure.

A lot of people originally paid big money for these plugins and were choked when it became available for free.

Can't imagine they will be giving it away this time around,

Michael Yearout's picture

Very happy to know DxO will be taking over Nik. I'll gladly pay for it. I downloaded DxO Photo Lab yesterday and they have already added some Upoint tech. Can't wait to see the full version early next year (I hope). If you already use DxO, I'm sure there will be a discounted upgrade price.