[News] How Peter Hurley Shut Me Up (a lesson in jawlines)

Do you have have a lot of photographer friends? Well if you do then you will know what I'm talking about when I say that, we spend a lot of time arguing about techniques, lighting, gear and each other's individual style/aesthetic. It's all in the name of good fun and education. I've personally taken more than my fair share of pot shots at friend and fellow photographer Peter Hurley, while sitting across the bar or poker table. But he has shut me up with his lastest video, over on Scott Kelby's, "Guest Blog Wednesday Featuring Peter Hurley". In 15 short minutes Peter demonstrates what it means to accentuate your subject’s jawline in a portrait and I gotta say, it's 15 minutes well spent. See sample pics below and watch the video here.

Be Warned: after watching the video you will want to buy the The Art Behind The Headshot DVD. Proceed at your own risk!

Note: These frames are pre-post, and are caps from a filmed screen image so color and exposure are not accurately represented.

via [ScottKelby]
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Mr Blah's picture

Mind blowing!!! wow!

Nathan Hamler's picture


Haha I love this guy. Shabam! Boom! Holy smokes!
Am getting closer and closer to spending the $300 on his DVD, I'm seriously starting to believe it could one day make me five times the money I'd spend on it.

Robert Simpson's picture

Incredible! Peter has a way about him that makes you want to grab your camera and SHOOT!

Toby Rhind-Tutt's picture

Couldn't agree more. Love his style, simple, informative, and the before and afters really do highlight how important this is. I can feel this revolutionising my style.

joundphil's picture

This guy is just awesome. I think his DVD will be my next investment. (Yes, I called it investment!)

Shannon Wimberly's picture

oh yeah.... he da man.....

Jason Gaskins's picture

This is nothing new. It's simply having your subject lean their head forward to "turtle" their neck out more and thus accentuate the jaw line. This is like portrait photography 101. Not sure what the fuss is about. 

ajmills's picture

I thought "shyeah, right" about the warning wanting to buy the DVD - but I am hooked, I want to buy it now...

I do wanna buy this now, like I REALLY wanna buy this now!

Martin Booth's picture

The DVD is on my list for when we get back from our big holiday in May, has been since it came out!

Joop van Roy's picture

With all due respect, who the hell would pose anyone like the 'before' pictures?

Paulius Palaima's picture

You would be surprised how many people do that. 

Sean Shimmel's picture

In a furiously busy world, such a worthy 15 minutes.

(and I'm already growing the 5 oclock shadow and letting my hair curl)

Noam Galai's picture

wow. great great video

Cendino Temé's picture

This was the best ever.... Saving for the DVD now!!! 

Martin Beebee's picture

Awesome: witness the difference between tips and teaching.