[News] Kodak to Discontinue All Slide Film

[News] Kodak to Discontinue All Slide Film

According to a report by the Phoblographer, Kodak is said to have confirmed it is discontinuing all of its slide film, including E100VS, E100G, and Elite Chrome Extra Color 100. This comes after several news points since Kodak discontinued its famed Kodachrome film three years ago and subsequently filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in January this year. My advice: get it while you can...

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Sad times. I would happily sacrifice the new 5D3 for the health of Kodak slide film, especially e100VS. It's depressing to see the news of this passing fall on deaf ears compared to the announcement of a new toy.

Sad to see Kodak's long slow slide into the abyss.  And you compare that with how Fujifilm not only has survived but thrived.

I still shoot film and have many film cameras.  For my business its all digital though.  I'd hate to see Kodak go the way of Polaroid.  Now I have to pay $24 for an 8 image Polaroid pack.  Still fun to shoot from time to time but gets expensive fast.

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That's a bummer! I need to buy some rolls and put them on ice for 2013. I'm shooting B&W film exclusively in 2012.