The Nik Collection Will Be Back in 2018

The Nik Collection Will Be Back in 2018

The Nik Collection was a highly popular editing suite that was eventually purchased by Google, who made it free, but also unfortunately abandoned development of the project. DxO bought the collection in October of this year and has now set the middle of next year as the date of its rerelease.

Elia Locardi, the star of our "Photographing the World" tutorial series, is also a fan of the plugins, often using them in his work, as you can see in many of his lessons. The lack of new development was particularly frustrating for many photographers, as many had trouble using the plugins collection in newer versions of Photoshop, leaving them to find workarounds of use older versions of the program. While DxO hasn't announced a hard release date or details of the new version of the collection (such as price), they have announced on the collection's homepage that it can be expected to reappear in mid-2018. The news should definitely please a lot of photographers, particularly landscape and portrait shooters, who often took advantage of the suite's tools for color, detail, and black and white work. We'll update you with more news on the suite as it becomes available. 

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Glen Grant's picture

Certainly will be interesting to see what they do given that they are laterally pitching their DxO PhotoLab software at every click having Nik embedded at price point of $99-149 USD.

barry cash's picture

All of these third party apps lack one specific requirement organizational work flow. When you enter the app from the top down it should be laid out in a start to finish workflow.
The other issue in common with them apps is there SLOW!

Jerry Suppan's picture

Ideally they might (should) just incorporate it into their current PhotoLab application and have just one almighty program rather then plugins for this, and more plugins for that. Especially if they are in control of the entire set of tools under one roof and not 3rd party.